Secure, Dependable, and Fast:’s Premium Managed WordPress Hosting for SMBs and Agencies

Secure, Dependable, and Fast:’s Premium Managed WordPress Hosting for SMBs and AgenciesTL; DR: Gate. com is aiding SMBs and agencies preserve their WordPress sites risk-free, lightning-fast, and consistently up-to-date with its turnkey been able hosting solution. The reliable platform provides comfort with features like warm and friendly 24/7 support, advanced hazard protection, SEO tools, and also a 100% uptime guarantee. In the long run, Gate. com’s goal is to fight the burden of multilevel infrastructure so customers can target their core business missions. 

Some say lack of education is bliss, but it’s certainly not a virtue in relation to network security.

The latest threat landscape — swarming using malware, phishing attempts, and brute-force attacks — features forced today’s businesses to hold security top of head.

According to John Enright, Us president at NetNation, even the particular businesses are waking approximately the risks. After most, the average site is more interactive than ever — and therefore harbors more in the private customer data that will lures in malicious famous actors.

“We periodically survey our customers to find out about their biggest pain points in relation to web presence, ” Bob said. “Security always comes by way of loud and clear — it’s a great deal more important to them than some other aspect. It’s what keeps people up in the evening. ”

John Enright, Us president at NetNation, and Gateway. com logoJohn Enright, Us president at NetNation, walked people through Gate. com’s been able WordPress solution.Gate. com, a new subsidiary of NetNation, wants its customers to achieve comfort despite the complexity involving today’s cybersecurity environment. The corporation designed its turnkey been able WordPress platform specifically to take out the burden of multilevel infrastructure, allowing users to instead target core business objectives.

The enterprise-grade solution can be well-suited for SMBs and creative agencies seeking secure managed WordPress hosting in a very dedicated virtual machine natural environment. An innovative control screen allows users to quickly manage their site while needed.

The platform in addition includes advanced threat security, SEO tools, a 100% uptime promise, and 24/7 access for you to friendly WordPress experts whom ensure customers’ sites are generally kept safe and up-to-date. The company’s free migrations are a breeze, with end to absolve service from the company’s expertise team and zero recovery time.

Protection from Brute-Force Problems, Malware, and Other Exploitations

John told us that this internet isn’t all that completely different from the physical world regarding the criminal mind.

“You can’t suppose that, because you run a smaller flower shop, someone in another country won’t try to hack into into your network, ” they said. “It’s like leaving your door unlocked in a very parking lot. Criminals aren’t gonna target you directly; they’re randomly pulling on car doors to view which one’s open. The world wide web is the same means. ”

With the Gateway. com, customers can relax knowing that no key can be left unlocked.

The company’s managed WordPress solutions are aimed at the customer experience, pairing lightning-fast performance with supercharged assist. This way, customers could leave security, updates, and speed on the experts while focusing on the daily tasks.

Sites are protected by the dedicated, firewalled virtual machine environment that may be monitored by security experts 24 hours a day.

“All of our alternatives are on virtual models — Gate. com is just not a shared multitenant podium, ” John said. “It’s architected to be inherently secure out of your box. ”

Gate. com individual interfaceThe Gate. com gui was designed with the buyer experience firmly in head.Managed plans include Imunify360, a new six-layered server protection option, and AI-based Smart Changes, which keeps criminals via infiltrating sites via dated themes and plug-ins. Using WordPress, ensuring the platform is up-to-date at all times is very important, as hackers often manipulate in out-of-date software.

“Imunify360 is an awesome security tool that may be constantly looking for attempted connections for a site and being sure that it’s completely walled far from a firewall perspective, ” Bob said.

The technology uses appliance learning and algorithms to recover security insights from worldwide, helping identify potential provocations and secure sites through proactive patch management.

Your Smart Updates feature, conversely, creates a clone in the customer’s site to examination updates pre-implementation. Michael Stoyanov, Product or service Manager at NetNation, said the module gives a side-by-side comparison designed for you to highlight potential changes.

“This ensures that updates are done in a really structured and organized means, ” Michael said. “It also helps avoid an issue in which WordPress fails your site — most significant issues with WordPress changes.

Offload Technical Anxieties with Turnkey Site Operations

Michael told us Gateway. com designed its Plesk-based control panel to get as user-friendly as probable.

“We streamlined a wide range of the options that would’ve made for a sophisticated and confusing server operations experience, ” he explained. “Because this is a new managed service, we want to make certain the customer can focus entirely on the business and their site content. We take care in the rest. ”

John said most SMBs will be more than happy to offload the responsibility of managing the complexities of WordPress and server operations.

“An online presence will probably be a game-changer for corporations, but hosting can always be pretty hard to understand for someone who isn’t a new technology expert, ” they said. “We’re taking best-of-breed methods, including the WordPress Toolkit by simply Plesk, and gluing them jointly so non-technical WordPress consumers can ensure their sites are secure out of your box. ”

Features in the Gate. com platformThe platform capabilities automatic backups and changes and gives users to be able to sync between multiple WordPress occasions.At the same occasion, customers can choose to take care of control over infrastructure while needed. For example, advanced users may choose to never update a custom plugin due to risk of overwriting rule.

“Customers can access each of the high-level tools in the background if they choose for you to, ” John said. “And customers who want to focus on the publishing element of their workflow can streamline the task significantly. ”

Agencies that manage many client sites, for case in point, can apply the very same updates to multiple occasions in bulk, saving important time and frustration.

Supplying Affordable Rates without Reducing Around-the-Clock Support

According for you to John, Gate. com’s solutions are priced to set managed WordPress hosting the fingertips for SMBs and businesses.

“Relative to others inside space, we start at the much lower price place, ” he said. “Usually, when you are free to the level of personal machines and support pertaining to multiple sites, there’s a much higher threshold to begin. ”

Many other managed WordPress vendors offer hosting in environments shared by a huge number of other tenants. When the applications along with data of multiple customers are hosted about the same server, it’s possible first customer with exceptionally substantial bandwidth and processing requirements to negatively affect internet site performance for other consumers.

Security is also very important: If a malicious actor or actress breaches one site with a shared server with poor security measures, others may suffer a similar consequences.

The plans are also quite affordable considering that customers can call a living, breathing man via chat, phone, or email at the moment’s notice. The tastes the company’s more when compared with 250 full-time employees have an overabundance of than five years involving experience in hosting along with network security.

John explained Gate. com’s greatest assets add the team’s vast field expertise and passion for aiding customers leverage the functions of WordPress.

“Our support team is watching 24/7 to hold sites secure, ” Bob said. “This type involving service has existed throughout enterprise space, but until recently, few have focused into it from the small business perspective — though it’s such a enormous concern. ”.