How FreshSites Helps U.K. Businesses Reach Online Audiences Through the Reliability of the Cloud and a Focus on Delivering Stellar Customer Support

How FreshSites Helps U.K. Businesses Reach Online Audiences Through the Reliability of the Cloud and a Focus on Delivering Stellar Customer SupportTL; DR: FreshSites was founded during 2011 to fill a requirement responsive web hosting during the U. K. Neil Skoglund and his team set out to create a solution which had been local, reliable, and customizable, and FreshSites has started a reputation with You. K. businesses as a good service-oriented hosting partner. The provider doesn’t advertise its products; it relies instead on positive reviews and word-of-mouth to attract new customers. Ultimately, the mission of FreshSites could be to simplify hosting for entrepreneurs who want to focus on growing your brands, not wading towards technology.

In the first 2010s, it wasn’t easy for U. K. businesses to leverage the reliability associated with a local hosting provider. Most well-known enterprise web hosts weren’t common with customers, and local SMBs had few options while in the country. The problem with choosing out-of-country hosting, though, was latency — or the full time it takes that will send a data packet — because U. T. -based websites were regularly forced to contract services from shared web hosting companies thousands of stretches away.

“If a company in England hosts your website on a U. Verts. -based server, the latency on that could be ridiculous, ” said Neil Skoglund, Running Director for FreshSites.

Neil noticed the latency problem during the U. K. when he was a natural part of a website design squad in London. Not mainly were the company’s online websites slow to load, but its clients struggled to contact the support team for aid in solving issues.

FreshSites logoFreshSites was founded to present local hosting to You. K. businesses.“We were angry, ” Neil said. “So, we thought to become hosts ourselves because no company was doing it. ”

FreshSites came into this world in 2011 from that would like to provide consistent web hosting services during the U. K., with Neil mainly because managing director.

Seven years after it had become founded, the latency Neil’s company experienced may be a thing of the former, and FreshSites is one of only limited number of reliable local hosting options during the U. K. The company also addresses other conditions that many businesses experience utilizing global hosts.

“Big hosting companies are easy to arrange if you know what precisely you’re doing, but for those who don’t, it’s nearly hopeless. And there’s little support — sometimes for 24 hours or more, ” Neil says.

FreshSites differentiates itself having a local service, low latency, and responsive client service. And it does that while offering hosting packages for small businesses of any size together with mission.

The Mission: Getting Online Has to be Simple for all Small businesses

Many larger hosting companies advertise their user friendly in any business condition. But entrepreneurs, startups, and SMBs will not find those hosting opportunities so intuitive.

For example of this, some hosts offer a good one-click installation package, but that feature can come with a caveat.

“What they don’t inform you of is that, if you’re launching for to begin with, you’re not going to be familiar with if it needs to go into the directory or what plug-ins you might want to install, ” Neil says.

FreshSites recognizes that most companies need to get online and launch creating content, not searching for plug-ins, and figuring out the inner workings within their dashboard.

Screenshot of FreshSites benefitsFreshSites offers numerous benefits to its holding customers, including a 99. 98% uptime SLA.The provider offers two primary products: WordPress hosting and monitored WordPress hosting. For companies hosting one simple WP site, FreshSites deliver 1GB SSD storage, 10GB once a month transfer, and five email is liable for one low yearly service charge. For businesses that need extra, the next tier works with 10 WP sites utilizing 10 GB SSD storage containers, 100 GB of once a month transfer, and unlimited email address accounts.

Managed WordPress hosting projects make the lives of entrepreneurs additional straightforward with automatic tweets, a 99. 98% uptime warranty, and around-the-clock customer help support. Smaller sites can get started with a plan that comprises one CPU core, 1GB MEMORY, and 90-day backups. Larger companies can buy a plan with two PROCESSOR cores and 4GB MEMORY, among other features.

FreshSites also recently accessed the reseller market that will help local web designers. That’s because of the company understands that certain SMBs need more hands-on assistance when designing a website.

“We resell products, but when you name, you still get people from FreshSites who knows what they’re sharing, ” Neil said.

Any Motto: It’s All Related to Helping Customers Succeed

FreshSites is committed to customer support in a way that most companies aren’t — regardless if they’re local or world. In fact, Neil said that your company’s support is amongst its biggest selling tips.

The company aims to reply to each ticket within 20 seconds during regular business a lot of time. Outside of those a lot of time, it strives to street address issues within two a lot of time, and representatives are willing to use chat or, distinct from some web businesses, access it the phone.

“Someone’s always within the other end of the item or online chat that will talk you through regardless of what issues you’re having. And businesses knowing that they’ll get through to us may be a huge thing, ” Neil says.

That commitment to client service has helped FreshSites grow considerably in the last seven years. And the provider doesn’t even have some sort of advertising budget. Instead, it relies solely regarding satisfied customers to attract new customers.

Screenshot of FreshSites benefitsLocal hosting and responsive client service provide U. K. businesses with assurance.With such stellar on line reviews, it’s easy to observe why businesses find FreshSites which means that attractive.

One customer lauded the company’s service from a testimonial, saying: “They offer the best customer service I own ever received. They happen to be super responsive, happy that will help with anything, and are friendly and professional as they definitely do it. I am so impressed and grateful and definitely will use as often as they possibly can and recommend from now on. ”

Another client echoes the ones sentiments: “Fantastic service — very quick, clear and practical responses. Really feels like any team are here that will help with whatever you need after you need it. Couldn’t endorse more! ”

And those reviews are a small sample a lot of customers who have endorsed FreshSites. The company boasts all over a five-star rating with 100s of reviews on numerous platforms.

“That’s quite good for a small company, ” Neil said.

Your immediate future: Building Solutions That In good shape Evolving Customer Needs

FreshSites aims to present businesses in the You. K. with personalized holding packages and support. The real key goal in mind, there is also created customized hosting solutions influenced by customer feedback. And its proprietary product allows FreshSites users to use different set-ups, rather than merely running an out-of-the-box solution.

For example of this, customers recently began indicating that FreshSites use WP Rocket to increase the speed of its WordPress hosting provider. After exploring the plug-in, the team thought to add it to a managed hosting solution.

Deeper, Neil said that the provider is always testing PHP models and web browsers making sure that its packages function seamlessly for clients.

Those customization opportunities would definitely be a far cry from the first 2010s when Neil together with his team developed FreshSites after identifying the decision for a local hosting company.

The company has found tips on how to differentiate itself further available by offering responsive support in addition to a 99. 98% uptime SLA.

Through the whole works, FreshSites has maintained its belief that shared web hosting should be straightforward so entrepreneurs can look into their businesses.

“Launching your website shouldn’t be hard. Our mission is to build it easier for companies to focus on the content while we look into the technology making it work, ” Neil says.