ExtendThemes Helps Entrepreneurs Create Professional WordPress Sites with Intuitive Tools and Affordable Packages

ExtendThemes Helps Entrepreneurs Create Professional WordPress Sites with Intuitive Tools and Affordable Packages

TL; DR: ExtendThemes makes customizable WordPress themes or templates that allow entrepreneurs to develop professional websites quickly. Its base-level service is liberal to use, which can save small businesses lots of money each year. And ExtendThemes helps users stay in advance of ever-changing WordPress software updates and will be offering unique themes that make ecommerce sites jump out. That means entrepreneurs can feel relaxed establishing a web presence while also implementing scaling their business. 

Certain functionalities, including electronic mail hosting and ecommerce functions, can make a website custom-built by the designer a costly undertaking. But small businesses just starting don’t need to strain their budget by spending money on website design — in particular when they can build a new responsive, high-quality version them selves.

ExtendThemes makes it practical for anyone to build an online site, and it’s easy to find out and master, so even the lowest amount of technical entrepreneur can design a wide ecommerce experience. And instead of charging lots of money for a custom site experience, ExtendThemes allows users to develop their own with their base package, which can be free.

And when a firm grows and decides it additional functionality — including a responsive design or some assistance with ecommerce — it can affordably upgrade on the service’s Pro version.

Screenshot of ExtendThemes site examplesExtendThemes allows entrepreneurs for you to easily and affordably make a WordPress website.
The world wide web development industry is modifying fast, and many companies still feel that professional websites can only be developed with code.

But ExtendThemes does the efforts of programming software that may be streamlined for bigger WordPress updates, so consumers, especially cash-strapped SMBs, don’t need to hire template designers early on. Many entrepreneurs are trending away from rule because developers like ExtendThemes get built such intuitive software package.

“We save people occasion and help them make a professional website faster, ” explained Horea Radu, Co-Founder along with CEO of ExtendThemes.

Using ExtendThemes, anyone can build a site automatically schedule and at a fraction in the cost. That means ecommerce companies will surely have their websites up more rapidly, and they can invest that profit new employees or boosting production to help you their organization scale.

A new Robust Library of Do-It-Yourself WordPress Themes or templates

ExtendThemes entered a market that’s already quite competitive with various products and services. Companies carry on and compete over functions along with costs. However, many still haven’t established what ExtendThemes learned ahead of time: The user experience is the hub of the software growth process.

“Initially, our goal was to development a powerful page designer for WordPress, ” Horea explained. “At first, it ended up being complicated. We wanted a thing more intuitive. So we invented our one-page builder, and yes it ended up working so well we expanded into a total platform. ”

It doesn’t matter what number of options a program features if its features aren’t offered to its users. For so very long, it was web builders who designed and executed products. But now that route isn’t important to build a basic, specialized website.

Screenshot of ExtendThemes templatesBusinesses can select from lots of responsive, customizable website web themes.
ExtendThemes offers a number of responsive themes that consumers can further customize. These themes include drag-and-drop functions so entrepreneurs can tweak sites to their business requires and branding. And it offers a superior robust support in case they come upon any problems or get any questions.

“Many people are just coming to grips with WordPress, so putting all your customization in one screen is usually a winning scenario, ” explained Horea.

ExtendThemes designed its promotions with first-time WordPress users planned. And that is a crucial differentiator, because many developers along with website builders try to convince people who find themselves new to WordPress or web design that it’s too difficult to tackle automatically. But it isn’t extremely hard, and it’s a fraction of the price tag on hiring a developer.

A few other industry competitors don’t present fully functional free versions with their platforms, either. That means it is usually hard for new users to discover the best offering, and it may charge hundreds of dollars to test out different platforms before determing the best one. But ExtendThemes doesn’t cost anything to get started on using, and that provides companies with a means to test its capabilities and ensure it’s the correct fit.

Easily Build a new Platform Without Sacrificing Custom remaking

ExtendThemes has set themselves apart by making its platform all to easy to learn and use, along with nothing holds first-time makers back from creating his or her ideal site. In earlier years of WordPress, platforms typically fell into 1 of 2 camps: Those that had design freedom the ones that were simple to operate. Today there’s no requirement of compromise.

The platform gives five core themes, every single with practically infinite different versions. They include options pertaining to building responsive portfolio sites while others for more complex internet commerce sites. What’s important is that will companies can remain authorities at what they produce — from cupcakes to carpentry — plus the software isn’t going to get with respect to a final product they’re satisfied with.

The design elements could match the values and aesthetics in the specific business, and an organization doesn’t should be at an enterprise level to make an enterprise-quality website.

Other web page design platforms may have 100 themes or templates with little substantial difference between them contour color scheme. But ExtendThemes concentrates on the functionality and using the site, allowing users to correct the specific design aspects.

“I think customers are quitting themes that are filled up with features to more light and portable, simple solutions, ” Horea explained.

The importance of focusing on convenience is that customers become highly engaged while using product. Many themes get similar design options, often causing users to find the one closest to his or her vision. But users who just learn a number of basics can master your ExtendThemes platform.

Because it is so simple to operate, many users find them selves mastering the ExtendThemes platform and creating the web page they’ve always wanted. What’s more, it allows new designers to easily adjust more advanced design elements.

ExtendThemes: Answering and adjusting Gutenberg with Added Operation

Working with ExtendThemes means entrepreneurs don’t ought to choose between high-quality design or convenience. And the platform in addition keeps its clients updated while using latest versions of WordPress — such as much anticipated Gutenberg.

“The Gutenberg change is definitely starting to happen. The idea hasn’t happened yet, but it will change many things, including how WordPress themes or templates work and how men and women design websites using WordPress, ” Horea explained.

Seemingly everyone in your WordPress world is speaking about Gutenberg and what the longer term holds. It can cause some anxiety in case you have just gotten used on the status quo, but ExtendThemes is excited to own same — and current — design capabilities for the new platform.

“Big alterations are coming, and we’re working in adding new stuff in addition to what WordPress is making. There’s still some operation missing in Gutenberg if you need to design a full site, ” Horea said.

Its main focus to the past year has been recently replicating the Colibri WordPress Builder experience in addition to Gutenberg, which will redefine the WordPress Customizer to present users even more control in the design of their site.

Colibri targets beginners whom build websites occasionally, or who will be the DIY type. and five main benefits:

An entire site editing experience directly inside WP Customizer
Predesigned pages and sections that help the person put together a site quickly
A clean UI that users can customize things contextually
No coding skills necessary
A move and drop interface
While it’s cloudy how much Gutenberg will alter the way entrepreneurs connect to WordPress sites, it is clear who’s will change the site-builder market place. And ExtendThemes will utilize on these changes by creating themes which may have near-infinite design variables even though keeping the user experience the hub of its product.