Eleven2 Offers High-End Business Hosting for SMBs with True Cloud Services at Affordable Prices

Eleven2 Offers

TL; DR: Eleven2 delivers a selection of hosting services for businesses of most sizes, from shared to be able to enterprise-grade options. Its innovative Cloud A single product allows SMBs to have a true cloud offering in the private datacenter at an inexpensive price. Although changes for the cPanel licensing model have got disrupted the budget internet hosting market, Eleven2’s business focus will not be adversely affected. The company still gives easy customer journeys from shared environment to more advanced solutions without added migration costs. Discuss

Hosting providers that supply shared and VPS hosting plans typically have dedicated server options. Nonetheless, relatively few take around the added cost and complexity of having a true cloud solution.

That’s in which Eleven2, a veteran with the industry, distinguishes itself being a business hosting provider.

“Our biggest differentiator is we’ve a cloud product that’s actually a real cloud product, ” mentioned Steven Mizrahie, CEO regarding Eleven2. “That’s vastly different as compared to what you see available on the market today. It’s fully unnecessary, replicated, in multiple datacenters with everything in real time.

Eleven2 logoEleven2 offers many different business hosting services, including a real cloud option.
The company’s fog up service, Cloud One, presents 125 GB storage, 10 TB bandwidth, unrestricted databases and domains, plus a 100% uptime guarantee to offer business continuity. Eleven2 even offers a global footprint and also runs Cloud One with its datacenters in L . a ., Dallas, and Singapore.

Eleven2 now offers other hosting services, including shared enviroment, virtual private servers, and also enterprise-grade dedicated servers. The business also delivers robust help. It understands that lots of its clients value the shared and reseller alternatives, which can help these meet their ROI and also growth goals.

“There’s huge value in the shared space and the particular reseller space, ” Steven mentioned. “We offer flexible ideas with generous allocations regarding disk space, bandwidth, as well as the other attributes which will help a site grow — from your stability standpoint. We likewise have backup services and some other value-adds that others both don’t provide or they will charge extra for. ”

Fog up Servers Deliver Benefits Over and above Virtual Private Servers

Several hosting providers deliberately conflate the particular terms cloud and VPS. Any cloud-computing solution generally needs redundant servers to aid optimal transfer speed.

“When I view a ‘cloud’ that’s a $5 VPS, that you can pay for some PC and memory, that’s not something that individuals associate with with regards to high-availability infrastructure, ” Steven mentioned.

The concept of large availability is central to be able to cloud-based computing. A correct cloud offers built-in redundancies and also easy scaling. A cloud often has multiple machine in play. Any VPS, on the some other hand, is optimized regarding stand-alone applications or utilize cases.

For example, your small business may use a VPS for the online accounting software platform but utilizes cloud services for basic user storage. Having a VPS go offline is an annoyance, but having a cloud services provider decrease can be devastating.

Downtime can be an even bigger problem in case a vendor partner can’t or won’t answer it quickly.

Screenshot of Eleven2 datacenter footprintEleven2 has datacenters around the world to ensure information movements quickly and securely by means of its network.
“One of our important selling points is that individuals have full control over all of our assets, unlike the the greater part of providers, ” Steven mentioned.

Eleven2 controls its L . a . datacenter, so the company doesn’t need to discover a third-party management firm to be able to intervene.

You get remediation faster, ” Steven said. “You devote a ticket, but we generally already know just about it because we all monitor everything anyway, but we could touch your servers faster than most other suppliers. ”

Speed of decision, or the average time it will take a customer service team to eliminate a case after it’s been opened is very important, especially when affected servers relate with revenue. Steven recounted one consumer that typically processed greater than $70, 000 per hour inside sales and was breached since they hadn’t updated their WordPress program.

“We had a back up restored in 10 minutes due to platform we have accessible, ” Steven said.

A is Shifting to a Software being a Service Model

Over the previous couple of years, the budget hosting industry continues to be rocked by changes for the pricing and license style of cPanel, the leading control panel for shared environment environments. In 2019 cPanel made a decision to charge per account as opposed to per server, with incremental fees after 100 accounts over a server. It’s not uncommon for a few servers to have 1, 000 or maybe more shared accounts, so in which pricing approach significantly disturbed the economics of low-cost internet hosting.

“That cPanel adjustment entirely changed the game for many providers, ” Steven mentioned. “It definitely changed the particular budget and reseller area because now they travelled from an unlimited product where they weren’t considering the total number of accounts over a server to you’re getting billed per account. And that caused plenty of constriction in the market place. A lot of companies could have looked elsewhere for choices. ”

Screenshot of Eleven2 featuresAs lots of its competitors raise rates, Eleven2 adds more features and services for the clients.
Some providers have raised prices in accordance with cPanel, boosting costs by 200% or maybe more. Others have either followed alternative control panels or perhaps tried to program their particular. However, Steven thinks that several clients don’t need the complete control-panel experience — they wish to launch a few software, including WordPress, and configure a small number of email accounts.

“I think we’re needs to see more of the particular Software-as-a-Service model kicking inside, ” he said. “A client just has to log into an software to launch a net app or create several email addresses. But that’s the extent of that which you see now. ”

It’s too quickly to tell what long-term influence the cPanel change could have on the budget internet hosting ecosystem, or even the particular VPS market. Still, regardless how it shakes out, Eleven2 will be prepared with new and also higher tiers of program for customers who increase as their businesses progress.

Eleven2: Sophisticated Hosting In which Meets Many Customer Wants

Eleven2 offers a full array of shared, VPS, and enterprise hosting — and it’s one of many relatively few that provide an authentic cloud product. Inspite of the confusion, a cloud provider helps clustered servers with redundancy plus more robust backups. Eleven2 owns a datacenter in San francisco bay area and maintains a datacenter reputation in Dallas, the Netherlands, and Singapore.

The license change regarding cPanel has significantly afflicted the budget side with the shared and VPS internet hosting market. Providers now stick to different mitigation strategies, but shared enviroment has become harder to keep up at the lower end with the cost spectrum. Steven said he believes the cPanel shift suggests the particular long-term evolution, even on the budget end, will become toward SaaS platforms in which deliver one-click apps together with some basic email provisioning.

Regardless how the future plays out there, Eleven2 supports customers by offering an obvious migration pathway as their needs grow more technical. It also ensures that most account types, including shared enviroment, have the resources consumers need. Eleven2 believes that charging a supplementary few dollars per month in comparison to budget hosts is well worth the reassurance that comes from swift support responses as the hosting provider owns the particular underlying hardware.

The most critical item on Eleven2’s inside development road map could be the launch of its redesigned website and its particular ongoing fine-tuning. The new site plainly outlines the company’s philosophy and highlights the consumer journey from shared to be able to VPS to enterprise to be able to multi server cloud solutions.

“We wish to be the all-in-one solution, a one-stop shop to start as a typical shared account, then grow in to a VPS product, then with a dedicated product and any multi server cluster, ” Steven mentioned. “That is huge as you can still have the identical support that you’re used to as your site increases, and we offer the platform to cultivate. ”.