Improve the Bottom Line and Optimize Customer Journeys with EasySend’s No-Code Platform Hosted in the Cloud

Follow "The Hosting Blog" daily as hosting experts, programmers, and tech managers go in depth on a variety of tech-related topics.TL; DR: EasySend’s digital camera experience platform helps corporations engage customers, gather files, and drive revenue expansion without requiring any coding knowledge. The tool is surely an essential weapon in just about any digital transformation arsenal, allowing businesses to instill positive customer experiences hosted inside cloud. With plans for you to expand globally and by way of broadened verticals, EasySend’s ultimate goal should be to make receiving and processing paperwork-based forms a less difficult and more enjoyable process for anyone.

Few things raise blood pressure like watching a clipboard full of forms in a very doctor’s waiting room. Even worse? Doing the same part of a bank or insurance plan office.

Before we recognize it, such predicaments can become a thing of earlier times. Solutions like EasySend are making the work of transforming paperwork-based processes so effortless to the financial services and insurance industries who’s doesn’t even require coding skills.

“Customer data collection can often be managed with primitive digital camera tools, such as Ebooks, or even paper forms that require extensive manual data accessibility and processing, ” explained Tal Daskal, CEO along with Co-Founder of EasySend. “These outdated methods cause out-of-control operational costs, substantial error rates, and a new subpar customer experience.

Co-Founders Eran Shirazi, Tal Daskal, and Omer Shirazi presented us the scoop about how insurers can automate mind-numbing paperwork via EasySend.
To stop lost revenue opportunities, Tal said enterprises ought to digitize their forms immediately, turning unavoidable paperwork right responsive digital journey.

“Yet, coding and maintaining buyer data collection forms with the enterprise scale is an issue that most IT departments are nevertheless failing to resolve, ” Tal explained. “That’s why my spouses, Omer Shirazi and Eran Shirazi, and I co-founded EasySend while using vision of transforming how insurers interact with his or her customers. ”

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) firm, based in Tel Aviv, Ny, and EMEA, has been making an effort to optimize customer experiences inside financial services and insurance plan industries since 2016.

Right now, EasySend serves as a necessary an essential, no-code hosted platform for constructing a digital culture of files collection and customer proposal that ultimately impacts the lower line.

Optimize the Customer Journey & Impact the lower Line

Tal told us that they and his co-founders, Omer Shirazi along with Eran Shirazi, knew your complications that paperwork along with manual processes create via experience at their past insurance careers. They also knew there were no adequate solution available.

EasySend is the only no-code solution available built specifically to address the situation of customer data collection inside financial services and insurance plan industries, ” Tal explained. “Our focus is in building optimized digital journeys that impact the lower line, not simply digitizing active manual solutions. ”

He said his favorite element of the company is people who made, and carry on and make, EasySend what it can be today.

Graphic showing digital camera transformation from paper for you to phone. EasySend is your epitome of digital change for better.
“We have a crew of excellent, driven folks who contribute to our vibrant corporate culture, ” Tal explained. “With an aligned mission planned, the EasySend team strives to revolutionize how insurance companies and financial services providers speak with their customers. Our priority to deliver the best customer experience makes us jump out remarkably. ”

EasySend is often a comprehensive solution to most customer-facing challenges. The no-code podium, which is conveniently hosted inside cloud, transforms the way insurance firms and financial services providers speak with their customers from the soil up. The result is valid digital transformation and agility in a very traditionally slow-moving space.

A necessary, Cloud-Hosted Digital Transformation Instrument

There’s been a lot of attention within the last few decade given to digital camera transformation — or establishing modern tech tools in the heart of a business — as well as ability to pump way up innovation.

The process typically consists of a transfer from legacy systems on the cloud to stay latest and competitive. In these kind of cases, EasySend provides clear benefits to insurance agencies, banks, and financial service providers on how to a digital potential.

“We envision EasySend as being a go-to tool to deal with digital transformation at range, providing full visibility, transparency, and optimization to your enterprise, ” Tal explained. “With EasySend, businesses help the customer experience of the person, significantly reduce development occasion and operational costs, and they are assured a fast time for it to market and revenue expansion. ”

EasySend uses artificial intelligence and machine finding out how to help companies develop digital camera products faster and boost customer experience at drastically lower costs. The podium also provides real-time observations into customer interactions, so that it is easy to quickly improve processes.

Ultimately, EasySend’s mission should be to instill a digital culture in organizations through the ground up, covering many methods from internal processes to outer, customer-facing ones. To accomplish that, Tal said it’s necessary for the company to conserve the organizational culture of a little daughter startup hungry for entrepreneurial good results.

EasySend is truly a wonderful company with an remarkable culture and mission, ” they said. “This is why is us stand out essentially the most. ”

Fostering Digital Culture with a Global Scale

In terminology of internal development, Tal told us staying up-to-date with today’s evolving digital world is important.

EasySend is constantly in search of the up-and-coming digital tendencies, ” he said. “The coronavirus caused demand for remote back-up and support to reach an all-time substantial. In our current natural environment, enterprises are being forced to travel from having no digital back-up and support solution to migrating everything online which has a self-service option. There’s the urgency we’ve never witnessed before. ”

Fortunately, EasySend’s cloud-hosted platform digitizes functions and improves self-service features on an enhanced customer experience.

Besides monitoring trends, Tal told us EasySend values customer opinions tremendously.

“Our customer support team works endlessly to take care of our customer and lover relationships, ” Tal explained. “Whether through our EasySend Academy or other sorts of customer portals, we make our customers’ expectations the supreme priority. ”

Moving onward, EasySend is actively expanding operations in the us, EMEA, and APAC. The company already serves over 40 enterprise customers worldwide, including Petplan and Nurnberger Versicherung. Spouses include SAP, Amdocs, KPMG, Capgemini, along with Deloitte.

“We currently get offices in Israel, Ny, and Germany, ” they said. “We plan to broaden our verticals to feature government, telecom, medicine, plus much more. ”

In September, EasySend announced who’s raised $16 million in whole funding. The investment, which in turn follows an $11 trillion Series A round brought about by Hanaco with contribution from Intel Capital, will empower the corporation to double its staff members, optimize product development, along with expand its customer starting.

Furthermore, in October, EasySend joined ITC Global’s virtual insurance plan conference, which served to plug insurance innovators worldwide.

“We were sponsors in the event and even had a firm booth, where we good one-on-one meetings with insurance plan executives, ” Tal instructed us.