Blog Duplika Offers Innovative, Efficient, and Secure Shared Hosting Services for Entrepreneurs and Enterprises

Duplika Offers Innovative, Efficient, and Secure Shared Hosting Services

TL; DR: Duplika launched in the mid-2000s as being a hosting provider that devoted to efficiency and service, possesses become a major Latina American solutions partner. The corporation delivers businesses the right mixture of shared and dedicated web hosting service, domains, and one-click WordPress optimizations, amid other features. Its responsive support crew and free migration services also bring comfort to entrepreneurs. Duplika emphasizes threat minimization and robust security practices to minimize the commonest drawbacks of shared web hosting service. 

Juan Manuel Zolezzi Volpi got built several websites on an Amazon affiliate company he was being employed by in Latin America when he encountered an issue. The company’s web host advised him that particular of his shared web hosting service accounts was using lots of resources, and convinced him to upgrade to your dedicated server.

Later, he thought we would optimize the Drupal software package he ran, and the dedicated server usage slipped to roughly 1% involving its available capacity. That insight prompted Juan to cope with optimization mismatches.

“This is often a problem that many men and women have with growing internet sites, ” he said. “A hosting provider says you want a huge server when anyone don’t. So that’s buying and selling domains got started. ”

Juan founded Duplika to help you small companies maintain internet sites at affordable prices by making use of only the resources they desire.

Duplika logoDuplika offers useful, secure shared hosting for those and businesses.
The discrepancy between exactly what a hosting provider recommends and exactly what a company needs can always be significant — and that’s regardless if everyone’s acting in very good faith. Vendors have minor incentive, and often minor expertise, in optimizing a bespoke software platform for the specific use case.

And companies often don’t have the technical know-how to address those consolidations automatically. The result is a less-than-ideal setup which could leave gaping security holes and bring about inefficient use of server means.

“I understood that a similar problem that I got, other people have when they focus on their organization, ” Juan said. “They have no clue if the cost is way too high or whether they have to have an upgrade. Well, they’re in a growing crowd. ”

Today, Duplika offers numerous products, including standard webhosting shared, cloud VPS services, focused servers, and reseller web hosting service accounts. It also optimizes pertaining to WordPress and manages area registration.

The company’s portfolio includes marketing via email, WooCommerce storefront development, geneva chamonix transfers from other vendors, along with SSL certificate deployment, giving entrepreneurs right-size options growing their businesses.

Attention to Detail Makes Shared hosting a Stronger Solution

Juan said that web hosting service has evolved considerably considering that Duplika launched 16 rice. In the early days and nights, the tech stack for the provider side wasn’t while robust, and glitches, which include software licensing and botched enhancements, adversely affected the total ecosystem. On top of these, some vendors dumped clients who presented an excessive amount of a challenge to deal with effectively. Many ultralow-cost website hosts came and went, leaving an undesirable reputation for the industry of their wake.

Over the several years, Duplika’s team has found that an ounce of prevention may be valued at a pound of treat.

“We had a enormous DDoS attack five rice, ” Juan said. “And that’s if we decided to partner using Cloudflare. It’s hard to halt those attacks, especially when people can get attacks on common world wide web forums targeted against distinct companies or providers. ”

What’s more, it pays to be aggressive about plugging routine stability holes, even when clients aren’t devoted to it.

“Another typical matter is WordPress, ” they said. “The XML RPC from WordPress was a tremendous hole in our internet sites. So we installed mitigation software on our servers. The same transpired with Lightspeed. ”

Screenshot of Duplika web hosting service tiersDuplika offers scalable hosting tiers to help you businesses grow.
The risk for shared hosting is that when one customer for the server gets hacked as well as compromised, many ISPs along with major email providers blacklist your offending IP address. The catch is that every other innocent customer for the shared server is adversely troubled by the blacklist.

Some vendors please take a hands-off approach by suggesting that shared hosting customers use a third-party email delivery service as an alternative to relying on the distributed host’s email software. On the other hand, that approach adds charge and complexity — and yes it offloads responsibility for handling IP reputation. Duplika will want to reduce the risk of an blacklisted IP than foist minimization onto its customers.

Licenses include the ever-present problem for distributed hosts. Each separate licenses for third-party security along with management solutions increases fees per installation. A seller can bake that further cost into VPS as well as dedicated server pricing, except for shared hosting, the charge far outstrips what a lesser amount of security-focused vendors charge.

Hands-On Support Brings Comfort to Customers

One thing that surprises most of Duplika’s business partners can be its deep engagement which consists of support system. Juan told us that will Duplika tends to get a variety of customers than other web hosting service providers.

He recounted a conversation he while working with a new consortium of Argentine companies engaged operational development.

Photo of Duplika Inventor Juan Manuel Zolezzi VolpiDuplika Inventor Juan Manuel Zolezzi Volpi spoke around about how the firm distinguishes itself on assist.
“No one there responses to tickets, ” they said. “Some people are surprised i am still answering passes, but I think it’s the simplest way to understand the issues that our customers experience. Plus, I like that way of doing work. ”

Duplika maintains an avid team focused on back-up and support, which it touts jointly of its market differentiators. Most hosting providers are experts in niche products, customer assistance, or infrastructure quality. That’s because hosting is often a commodity service that doesn’t accommodate significant price discrepancy ever again. Duplika emphasizes support and in many cases provides a transition assistance for companies migrating coming from a different provider to supply customers even more comfort.

The company’s emphasis on risk mitigation includes fewer support tickets initially.

“It’s a bit tricky to provide the most beneficial service because I recognize huge companies that don’t get Lightspeed or unified DDoS security, ” Juan said. “However, I think we have a very better overall quality lifestyle where no issues are suddenly an unexpected emergency, and we have to be up to all hours in the night answering tickets. ”

Duplika: Modern Hosting Leadership with Exceptional Service

Duplika has carved a distinct segment for itself as a new support-focused company that prioritizes stability while keeping costs minimal. The company provides a total portfolio of hosting services and a few additional features, including marketing via email and WooCommerce storefronts.

The company’s security concentration follows from its experience and learning through the mistakes of others in the marketplace. Duplika is rare among budget-friendly hosts given it provides added services, which include Cloudflare, Lightspeed, and various other tools that mitigate stability risks and operational inefficiencies. Although company’s overhead is a little higher, that is offset by the drastic reduction in assist tickets — a telltale indicator of happy customers.

The company also supports a few specialized application platforms, which include Magento, Moodle, and LearnDash — using relevant licenses included. And yes it offers optimized Node. js hosts so mobile and world wide web apps and APIs purpose swiftly and smoothly.

Duplika’s current product road map concentrates on a managed WordPress giving, with common plugins along with licenses aligned.

“We’re promoting managed WordPress just as one add-on to our web hosting service plans, ” Juan explained. “We’re learning some in the most-used plugins, and we’re trying to focus on WordPress management and functionality. We’ve discovered that a great deal of clients don’t have any clue learning to make the platform move more rapidly. ”

Duplika offers very good performance, low cost, sensitive service, and robust backend stability. Those may be demanding to balance, but it is worth it.

“We keep these extra security tools given it gives us real comfort, ” Juan said.