Drive Security, Compliance, and Productivity with Hexnode’s Cloud-Hosted Unified Endpoint Management System

Drive Security, Compliance, and Productivity with Hexnode’s Cloud-Hosted Unified Endpoint Management System

TL; DR: Hexnode, a division involving Mitsogo Inc., has labored to craft its modern unified endpoint management technique (UEM) since 2013. Organizations in over 100 countries now have confidence in the company’s cloud-hosted package of app, content, personality, and threat management methods. The technology, built money, aims to provide corporations with simple, ever-evolving endpoint operations solutions

The Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) movement is the term for the increasing number involving employees bringing computing devices on the workplace to replace as well as supplement company-issued technology.

The trend started at Intel during the past year and quickly went well-known. The recent increase throughout pandemic-related remote work features only accelerated the activity: In a 2020 ‘microsoft’ survey, 67% of respondents reported that they can use personal devices in the workplace.

While BYOD policies are just the thing for employees — who wouldn’t prefer to train on a familiar device? — they might also throw a wrench straight into network security processes. Only 53% of respondents in Microsoft’s research said their company carries a policy in place permitting such actions, indicating a large number of companies have room growing in mobile endpoint stability.

In addition to BYOD packages, many companies issue company-owned supplements, smartphones, and laptop ways of employees in the discipline. These companies also have to have robust mobile endpoint security income lock down nonessential software, push apps and papers to devices, track unit locations, and remotely remove device data.

Hexnode logoHexnode empowers companies to deal with remote endpoints securely along with efficiently via cloud-hosted solutions.
That’s where Hexnode also comes in. The company, a section of Mitsogo Inc., allows businesses close the difference between mobile endpoints along with corporate networks through spontaneous security and management methods. Hexnode MDM’s BYOD Operations, for example, empowers employees to work with their personal devices to securely access the organization network and resources within it.

But as a one endpoint management system (UEM), the technology goes a little more forward than that — providing the instruments necessary to deliver detailed coverage of virtually any aspect of user along with endpoint security. The cutting-edge security along with controls are delivered via one console that also includes app, content, identity, along with threat management tools.

“Our capabilities are highly enterprise-oriented, and perhaps they are meant to ease up the overall management process, ” explained Hexnode’s Andrea Jones. “There are multiple different solutions accessible in our UEM. We have a very carefully structured pricing plan that enables the customers to pay only for the features that they can need. They don’t have to purchase the slide when they require just one or two set of features. ”

Such a flexibility makes Hexnode an understandable choice for enterprises coming from all sizes to safeguard most endpoints, whether IT teams deal with them under a BYOD insurance plan or issue them over the company.

Mitsogo Inc. — Streamlining Unit Management Since 2013

Inventor and CEO Apu Pavithran presented both Mitsogo Inc. and Hexnode in July 2013 inside San Francisco Bay place. At the time, a number of Portable Device Management (MDM) solutions were already you can find.

“Getting into the field while using competition was indeed demanding — but exciting, way too, in the context we had a fairly strong product available that we believed could offered a tough fight resistant to the existing titans, ” Andrea explained. “Back then, MDM has not been very popular as it can be now. Also, the existing solutions were very complicated coming from a use-case perspective. ”

Using Hexnode, Mitsogo aimed for you to simplify device management using cloud-hosted tools. The company’s growing customer base serves as being a testimony to that quest. And while Hexnode commenced as purely an MDM option, the company has always focused on keeping up with changing user demands.

“The MDM market has evolved at the fast pace, ” Andrea instructed us. “Now we’re looking in fully fledged UEM solutions that are equipped for managing users, identity, along with everything digital. Hexnode was also capable to adapt to these changes pretty quickly — otherwise, we wouldn’t always be here today. ”

Rapidly rapid change, Hexnode has maintained its target providing a streamlined customer experience hosted inside cloud. “Today, we integrate with major technology vendors and give standard functionalities with extensive support to everyone major operating systems, ” the girl said.

Hexnode aims to deliver everything businesses need to be secure. As one buyer told Andrea, Hexnode will be the mama bear of UEM alternatives, going to extreme lengths to shield its users. And, by simply working closely with buyers, the company will guarantee it delivers the solutions include the right fit for his or her businesses.

The company’s award-winning UEM at the moment provides organizations in over 100 countries with a new centralized platform for company-wide operations solutions. The ultimate goal should be to fuel a seamless environment of tools, connecting each software package to achieve greater field of vision through unified management.

Case-Oriented Attribute Development

Andrea told us that this top benefits Hexnode gives to businesses include cost-effectiveness, increased productivity through automation, along with an intuitive feature collection. “These benefits directly change to high ROI. ”

But customers don’t ought to take Hexnode’s word for it — numerous testimonials on the company’s site exemplify the platform’s price.

Take Millennium Hotels along with Resorts, for example. When the global hospitality management and real estate property group needed a means to secure and monitor company-issued touch screen phones running Android and iOS, the idea deployed Hexnode MDM over 13 U. S. motels. Hexnode MDM’s Kiosk method allowed Millennium to fasten down the devices by whitelisting a number of necessary apps, resulting throughout improved employee productivity along with enhanced endpoint security.

Hexnode's product rangeHexnode comes with a comprehensive selection of unit management solutions hosted inside cloud.
Other companies use Hexnode’s wide-ranging UEM technology to broadcast sms to devices, push software and documents to crew member devices, track your locations of devices employing GPS, and wipe files remotely. The solutions doubles to automatically configure Wi-fi, email, and virtual individual networks, among other steps.

When it comes for you to internal development, Andrea said Hexnode’s rich feature set is often a product of Hexnode’s care about customer needs.

“Our focus has become to deliver what is demand, ” she explained. “We provide everything that may be logically and practically constructible, and abides with the respective platform specifications they remain in. Every feature developed can be case-oriented and aims to simplify the intention of implementation. We evaluate every technological advancement introduced out there by its significance on the Hexnode user base. ”

Be prepared for HexCon21 After a Profitable 2020 Event

In 12 2020, Hexnode hosted HexCon20, the 1st Hexnode user conference involving its kind. The virtual event attracted an overwhelming amount of Hexnode customers and spouses who could network using peers and gain a greater understanding of Hexnode’s functionalities through the mouths of product authorities. So many attendees came that the event virtually brought down the company’s internet servers.

HexCon20 included screen discussions, off-stage networking, attribute announcements, multiple certification work spaces, and unlimited product manifestations. Attendees even had the means to receive Hexnode swag over the mail.

“The huge response many of us received from attendees motivated us an extra chance this year, ” Andrea explained. “We are in the task of unveiling the timetable for HexCon21. ”

The corporation also has plans for the Hexnode Partner Summit inside works, with a tentative date inside second quarter of 2021.

“The summit is open for all those partners, users, and non-users, ” Andrea explained. “These groups can join us to acquire more information about the marketing and sales element of the company while expressing their perspectives and suffers from in associating with Hexnode. We also have a number of exciting product updates to be revealed that is to be available to customers by the beginning of the second quarter involving 2021. ”.