Datasparc Delivers Fast and Secure Access to Databases Hosted On-Prem or in the Cloud

Datasparc Delivers Fast and Secure Access to Databases Hosted On-Prem or in the Cloud

TL; DR: Datasparc, headquartered in San diego, CA, delivers secure data management solutions works with SQL and NoSQL listings hosted on-premises or inside cloud. The company’s flagship product or service, DBHawk, provides intuitive along with innovative tools for opening, integrating, developing, and inspecting data. Datasparc’s object gain access to control, support for files masking, and data-auditing capabilities help it become an ideal choice for organizations that has got to comply with data solitude regulations. Moving forward, artificial intelligence (AI) along with machine learning (ML) are going to be added to the platform to help you customers further streamline workflows. 

Data analytics and business intelligence are getting to be mission-critical for many businesses — and forever reason. Whether it’s employed to help generate revenue, guarantee regulatory compliance, or assist strategic processes, data plays a necessary role in business expansion.

It follows that functions that obstruct or limit entry to mission-critical data may lead to legal penalties, financial decline, and problems with organization continuity.

That’s why many users are checking out easy-to-use, self-service database methods, such as Datasparc, for you to securely access, integrate, and analyze massive degrees of business-critical data on require.

Datasparc logoDatasparc makes it safer to transform data into actionable awareness.
“Everyone wants data now — that’s how this industry is, ” explained Manish Shah, Founder along with CEO of Datasparc. “But devoid of the proper tools in position, businesses have to move through a multi-layered process gain access to data. It can delay your entire process weeks or perhaps months. With Datasparc, you’ll be able to access data with security measures available within 30 minutes. ”

Datasparc’s flagship product or service, DBHawk, grants users instant access to data without limiting on security or solitude. The infrastructure-agnostic platform provides secure entry to on-premise and cloud listings. It also supports an array of SQL and NoSQL listings, including AWS Athena, Rain forest Redshift, Greenplum, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, SAP Hana, along with Teradata.

Ultimately, Datasparc aims to lead the market industry for database tools by way of innovative, user-friendly solutions that will help businesses manage files securely. With the support of artificial intelligence (AI) along with machine learning (ML) methods currently under development, Datasparc’s web-based BI along with database management software is poised to perform just that.

Infrastructure-Agnostic, Web-Based Files Management

Manish told us that will while businesses have wielded SQL and databases normally as tools for several years, the volume of files leveraged today has soared significantly.

“If you go rear 10 or 15 several years, a mid to large-sized firm would typically only have a very single database. If these folks were an Oracle shop, they will have an Oracle repository. If they were a new Microsoft shop, they would’ve a Microsoft database, ” they said. “Now, the volume of data has scaled much that businesses everywhere help many databases as forced to suit their needs. ”

While proof, Manish pointed for you to DB-Engines, a knowledge starting of relational and NoSQL listings. In addition to founded relational systems, the internet site emphasizes the growing charge of NoSQL-based solutions. Since November 2020, the DB-Engines Ranking tool accounted for over 360 unique database devices.

DBHawk logo and wording reading "Protect Your Data"The DBHawk platform provides secure entry to SQL and NoSQL databases hosted inside cloud or on-premises.
“On top of these, a lot of companies started shifting several of their infrastructure to your cloud, so they could possibly have a hybrid hosting option, ” Manish said. “At one time, most of the database query tools available use a client-server style, adding to complications, and there isn’t a data security concept. ”

While database use has skyrocketed, they’ve unfortunately attracted a person’s eye of hackers hungry pertaining to valuable and sensitive data. To fill gaps in the two database tools and stability market while solving pertaining to complexity, Datasparc created DBHawk.

“We designed this web-based, centralized product where you don’t need to to install any tool on the machine — it’s web-based gain access to, and you can connect to many databases, SQL, NoSQL, whether they’re hosted inside cloud or on-prem, ” Manish explained.

To make things perhaps easier, the company’s DBHawk Question Builder helps users create and create database concerns. The technology logs individual authentication and SQL pursuits, providing full auditing capabilities to generate regulatory compliance more feasible.

“And when you produce queries, we log your activities, including what query you happen to be writing, when you are generally connecting, what IP address you happen to be connecting from, etc., ” Manish explained. “For data-sensitive companies inside financial, human resources, along with healthcare domains, this is critical. ”

In addition, DBHawk supports dynamic data masking determined by predefined policies. With DBHawk core policy management, administrators may give end-users access to your data they need and nothing at all else.

A Flexible Nevertheless Focused Customer-Centric Road Road

Manish said Datasparc’s buyer portfolio consists largely of enterprises with additional than 50 users. Other individuals have between 500 along with 2, 000-plus users whom all need secure, fast entry to various databases hosted on-premises or inside cloud. The Datasparc platform can be perfectly scalable and able to accommodate many users.

From an RETURN perspective, it’s easy to view how streamlining a customarily time-consuming process benefits the firms of Datasparc customers.

“It’s possible to acquire things done without a new platform like ours, though the costs quickly add way up: You’ll have to save money hours, use multiple methods, and involve multiple men and women, ” Manish said. “We remove hundreds of bottlenecks with our instrument; it’s very simple along with easy. ”

DBHawk boasts more information on features and functionalities, via database security and auditing for you to management, reporting, and arrangement. And the company is continually improving the product or service based on an in-depth idea of the needs of their customers.

The company employs an agile software growth approach emphasizing team venture, flexibility, adaptive planning, along with incremental delivery. Manish said this tactic gives the company to be able to pivot when necessary and also maintain a steady study course.

“We have a crystal clear product road map to steer us, but since we support countless databases and so a lot of enterprise-level customers, every buyer has unique ideas, ” Manish explained. “We determine how effectively each request fits straight into our product road road, as well as the amount value it can take. If it brings a great deal of value to our buyers, we will alter each of our priorities. ”

Reduce Guide book Configuration Work via Appliance Learning
Datasparc’s future strategies include integrating AI along with ML into DBHawk, a move that will further streamline data workflows.

“At periods, database administrators have to perform some manual configurations, ” Manish explained. “For example, if customer data includes plastic card information, the database administrator has got to go into our tool and build a policy to manage plastic card information. So why certainly not use machine learning? ”

That’s what exactly Datasparc is doing which consists of patent-pending technology, which will permit DBHawk to automatically have a look at data, identify attributes, along with suggest the policies, reducing manual work and aiding harden security measures.

The technology will likely help users automate regulating compliance, making it suitable for organizations that regularly take care of data protection laws including FISMA, FERPA, GDPR, HIPAA, along with PCI.

“Instead of a new human proactively figuring issues out, DBHawk will be capable of process large amounts of data to evaluate for sensitive information, ” Manish explained. “Instead, the data administrator will be the final person saying, ‘Yes, this is just what I need. ’”

The technology contains the potential to transform regulatory compliance even as we know it.

“That will be the beauty of machine mastering and AI, ” Manish explained. “It helps eliminate man error and save man hours.