Concurrency Labs Helps SMBs Optimize and Grow Applications Hosted on AWS

Concurrency Labs Helps SMBs Optimize and Grow Applications Hosted on AWS

TL; DR: Concurrency Labs helps firms launch and grow purposes hosted on Amazon World wide web Services (AWS). The company’s time-tested consultancy course of action helps businesses manage your platform in five essential areas: availability, cost, functionality, security, and operations. With products under development meant to complement its consulting solutions, Concurrency Labs is set to help clients get the most from AWS for years into the future. 

Since its first launch in 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become the most popular and powerful foreign hosting services worldwide.

But it’s not really the easiest to understand. The web is brimming with horror stories from subjects of unexpectedly high costs — some costing greater mortgage.

Without a reliable process and years involving AWS expertise, many businesses have unnecessarily high hosting costs, applications that can’t take care of traffic spikes, and stability vulnerabilities. Fortunately, consultancy companies like Concurrency Labs are experts in helping clients successfully kick off and grow their corporations on AWS.

Ernesto Marquez, Seller and Project Director in Concurrency LabsErnesto Marquez, Seller and Project Director in Concurrency Labs, provided us with insight about how to optimize AWS.
“I’ve seen a great deal of opportunities to help clients inside cost management area, ” explained Ernesto Marquez, Owner along with Project Director at Concurrency Labs. “AWS gives you a great deal of flexibility. You pay for what we use, but sometimes, you end up using a lot.

Besides reaping the benefits involving comprehensive one-on-one consultancy along with cloud optimization, Ernesto designed a bot to help you AWS users monitor hosting costs. The no cost solution, MiserBot, proactively inspects along with analyzes AWS cost along with usage data with every single update. Minutes later, it sends out a communication to teams via slack to help you businesses identify and right anomalies.

“You’re not gonna get that information that will easily in AWS, ” Ernesto explained.

But Concurrency Labs solutions don’t end with charge management. The company also helps businesses get the most from AWS in terms involving availability, performance, security, and operations — all of these impact the bottom range.

From Development at Rain forest to AWS Consultancy

Ernesto has considerable experience inside consulting industry, beginning with greater decade of service in Accenture.

“I specialized inside telecommunications industry, working while using large systems that assist that industry, ” they said. “That exposed us to mission-critical, high volume systems that had to work 100% almost daily. ”

After soaking up the many knowledge that he may, Ernesto began working as being a software development manager pertaining to AWS at Amazon Vancouver.

“I had exposure to cloud technologies before that period, but working at Rain forest gave me that hands-on experience regarding how things are developed, ” he said. “I appreciated the means that Amazon gave us, and I was thrilled to get developing services there, but I also that will become independent. It was simply a matter of time. ”

A business person at heart, Ernesto took the ability he had gained throughout both consulting and foriegn services and started his very own firm. Today, as a certified AWS Solutions Architect, he helps SMBs reliably generate revenue by having a methodology that optimizes AWS to compliment growth. Concurrency Labs now serves clients worldwide, though the majority are operating out of North America.

Image of fast auto with text reading "We enable you to launch and grow your current applications on AWS"The firm helps businesses fine-tune AWS determined by specific use cases.

“Some are building a thing new from scratch that will eventually should be deployed in AWS, ” they said. “Others are running already-mature applications outside of the cloud and need help with migration just for them to realize the benefits of entering into the cloud.

Another and perhaps most widespread scenario involves customers whom already use AWS and they are running into several challenges intrinsic on the platform — particularly all-around cost, availability, performance, stability, and operations.

Considering your Context of Unique Organization Needs

Ernesto said that this end goal of the consultancy work isn’t only to optimize AWS — it’s to optimize the organization, starting with identifying organization flows and growth ambitions.

“One of the major things I emphasize within just my practice is that will, before I engage throughout anything, I want to completely understand the business written content, ” he said. “An application doesn’t have a reason to exist in case it’s not supporting an enterprise. ”

Each client’s business goals tie inside the five variables Ernesto discussed (cost, availability, performance, stability, and operations). Leaders ought to consider potential factors — similar to traffic spikes, internal as well as external failures, operational emergencies — and the way they could impact the organization.

“Some businesses have zero tolerance for any sort of downtime, and if that’s true, it’s worth paying additional, ” he said. “Other purposes don’t require the strictest redundancy along with availability. It depends for the use case. ”

Ernesto tailors AWS optimizations all-around such requirements. But he told us there exists one variable that stands in addition to the others as an overall must-have: security. Cutting costs around your steps development teams choose to use ensure safety and compliance is never a good suggestion.

“All businesses need a baseline in relation to security, ” he explained. “It doesn’t matter the size of, how small your organization is — that groundwork is non-negotiable. ”

A Target Automation and Repeatable Method

Concurrency Labs designed their Ready for Prime Time methodology to help you businesses grow applications organized on AWS, whether they’re making, migrating, or already operating applications for the platform. It takes about four to six weeks to complete your steps with both request owners and development squads.

“One of my differentiators is i go through a process I’ve refined after a while, ” Ernesto said. “The idea should be to offer additional value by way of repeatable processes, valuable web themes, and documented steps that will clients can use down the road. ”

Developing and creating the detailed, four-stage methodology required an upfront investment for the company. But they have paid off by aiding clients consistently balance functionality, price, and availability.


Besides carefully designed processes, Concurrency Labs considers automation an important priority.

“If something might be automated, it gets programmed, ” Ernesto said. “We’ve developed internal tooling around each of the different processes involved in your deliveries. We have interior tooling for cost operations, load testing, resource provisioning, along with performance tests, among various other tasks.

The company’s AWS In close proximity to Real-time Price Calculator, by way of example, leverages the power involving automation to estimate AWS costs determined by live CloudWatch metrics. The Lambda function empowers users to look at early action to reduce billing nightmares.

“We developed these frameworks over time to generate a strong foundation for each of our clients, ” Ernesto instructed us. “If you will be in the AWS console, undertaking things manually and hitting buttons, you’re doing a thing wrong. ”

Upcoming Product or service Releases and Training

Concurrency Labs is now investing in the productization of assorted service areas. The initial goal should be to expand MiserBot into a wide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

“I’ve been recently developing tooling underneath pertaining to cost optimizations, ” Ernesto explained. “It’s good to be aware that something’s wrong, but the next task is knowing what you are able to do to fix it. We’ve been making a quality progress on that. ”

Future products can also include online training plans.

“I lead a asking services company, but products are also an essential perhaps the equation, ” he explained. “Some business owners discover those two areas while incompatible. The way I visualize it, they feed each various other. The services aspect provides the knowledge to develop the correct products, and the products themselves enable you to deliver better services. There’s a fantastic interdependency. ”.