Codica Delivers Custom Software Development Services, Creating Complex SaaS and Marketplace Platforms

Codica Delivers Custom Software Development Services, Creating Complex

TL; DR: In a niche where many vendors offer simple web development, Codica thrives with their expertise in building sophisticated custom web products. Codica gives solutions for complex growth projects in SaaS along with marketplace domains, and is dedicated to process discipline and a new multi-channel feedback environment that will incorporates clients’ suggestions. Throughout 2021, the company also plans to offer a rapid-deployment marketplace site product that blends growth with customization of active ecommerce solutions.

Many software package development companies, particularly people who serve the SMB market place, tend to focus on a few core deliverables — web development, site building, basic purposes, or WordPress development. Although providers may accommodate some customization, they typically depend upon template solutions.

Codica entered that software development environment which has a mission to distinguish themselves on customization.

“From abdominal muscles beginning, we were ruled by the completely different concept, ” explained Dmitry Chekalin, CEO involving Codica. “We wanted to develop large, complex software systems that might stand out out there and bring value for you to both our clients and prospects. So we offered tailor made software development services to clients. ”

Codica logoCodica gives customized software solutions that will help businesses with intricate site building projects.Custom development brings about optimized solutions that format directly with business requires. But added cost and complexity can bring about frustration when vendors lack the flexibleness to deviate from web themes. Codica’s team excels in custom work because their team leans heavily on a few standard tools in their tech stack: Ruby, Dark red on Rails, Vue. js, Reply, PostgreSQL, and Angular. Those tools make the development process extremely effective, even when the team should code a solution via scratch.

“Because of the projects we were managing, our approach evolved straight into specific services: custom market development, SaaS product growth, and PWA development, ” Dmitry explained. “We have gained ample domain expertise that we’re not only a development partner to each of our clients, but also a new team of consultants. Because we’ve got built many similar solutions, we know what work better. ”

Codica, operating out of the Ukraine, offers a number of primary services. Custom software development solves business difficulty with targeted applications and internet site building services. implies generating secure and scalable foreign platforms for growing SMBs. On-line marketplace development creates fast-loading, bespoke ecommerce platforms. And its progressive world wide web app development fills a crucial niche on mobile devices and across operating systems.

Businesses can leverage one or every one of Codica’s development services to fulfill their unique online needs and carry on and grow their operations.

Undertaking Journeys Deliver Optimal Growth Results

When IT pursuits fail, the culprit is generally a weak project-management methodology. Significant business projects call for careful examination upfront in order that requirements are identified along with accounted for, and relevant stakeholders accept to all changes.

Project discipline is crucial for custom software builds to offer the right solution by the due date, on scope, and in budget. Codica employs a new three-stage project journey for you to encourage that discipline.

The 1st stage is called product or service discovery.

“We create features, build prototypes, and focus on the implementation of computer complicated or important undertaking elements, ” Dmitry explained. This part of the task defines what the finished product appears to be. The second stage can be development and implementation if your tech team begins the build good most efficient processes. By way of example, code review and CI/CD implementation occur on this phase.

The third cycle is maintenance and assist. During this phase, your Codica team monitors your application’s state, fixes pesky insects, and checks server steadiness.

“We take full responsibility for the work, and each undertaking we deliver is even more maintained and supported, ” they said. “Our team monitors and fixes the many issues transparently and with virtually no hassle for the buyer.

Codica Workflow ScreenshotBusinesses could leverage Codica software to help you them organize their route to rollout.
In the maintenance-and-support screen, Codica actively curates and refines the product or service. Very often, clients need to further develop their alternatives, thus new features are generally developed and implemented at this point.

All projects operate within the triple constraint of setting, cost, and time. Cost and time enhance as scope becomes more advanced, and increases in occasion generally translate to improves in cost. Successful assignments clearly define the setting, so teams work proficiently. For Codica, early scope management is very important given the custom nature in the applications.

Clients can obtain better operational agility and also a more significant revenue thanks to Codica’s expertise and expertise.

“Having developed multiple similar solutions, we discover how to deliver a successful product or service within a shorter stretch of time and on a fair budget, ” Dmitry explained.

Customer Engagement Translates for you to Stronger Processes

One in the biggest differentiators in internet site builders, and the technological sector, is a company’s motivation to customer engagement. A number of tools, including satisfaction online surveys, are common, but relatively few firms integrate multichannel feedback and apply it to drive changes for you to products or processes.

“We are constantly implementing improving our development process and offering essentially the most relevant services to each of our clients, ” Dmitry explained. “Of course, we analyze market demand and monitor all the newest organization and tech trends. As well, we use our eye-sight, experience, and customer feedback we collect regularly. ”

Screenshots involving Codica customer mobile interfaces Codica definitely sources feedback about buyer web and mobile assignments.
Market analysis begins while using kernel of an notion. Codica relies on a product or service discovery phase when onboarding a whole new client. The same refers to how it assesses a new potential new product as well as service’s viability. The crew conducts research, documents studies, and recommends a tactic.

“Great ideas can come both through the client and from our team, and they can worry our working process, technological stack, or any other element of product development, ” they said.

Post-launch debriefs are critical to the company’s good results. After a project roll-outs, Codica meets with the team to distinguish what went well and what may be improved. Codica also collects similar feedback from clientele. Ideas that seem promising go through the discovery process and move to implementation.

Many tech companies try and chase the next major thing, but Codica doesn’t get involved in those races. Eventhough it keeps tabs on appearing industry trends, the firm culture resists pursuing your most-hyped technologies or short-term tendencies. Instead, Codica prefers to work with proven methods best best for customer projects, whether it’s a whole new technology or an elderly one.

Codica: Robust Tools to cope with Complex SMB Tech Requires

Not many tech companies that serve SMBs build complex development projects through the ground up. Instead, many depend upon recycling templated solutions. On the other hand, Codica has always pursued complex development projects as an alternative to merely tinkering with vanilla tech to yield an end result that is just suitable.

Codica maintains process discipline having a three-phase development cycle and following detailed post-implementation feedback. That approach ends in complex web solutions delivered at the reasonable cost.

Next up on your company’s road map are a few marketplace enhancements.

“We go to a strong demand for pretty complex, customizable solutions including marketplaces, ” Dmitry explained. “At the same occasion, people would like to experience a simpler way to launch the crooks to satisfy their needs. ”

Codica is evaluating numerous ready-to-run solutions that don’t have to have a full build. Instead, the solutions depend upon deep customization of a new base platform, with an eye for deployment in the near future.

Codica’s value proposition pertaining to SMBs is clear. The corporation delivers custom software alternatives, secure and scalable foreign platforms, fast-loading custom industry, and progressive web software. Those solutions reflect your company’s purpose.

“Working on complex solutions is actually a challenge. It’s additional difficult to deliver a real product compared to a consistent website builder, ” Dmitry explained. “Many development companies are certainly not capable of managing tailor made builds because such assignments require profound expertise along with relevant skills. But our team views each project as being a potential game changer, and thanks to each of our accumulated experience we decide to take on the accountability and deliver bespoke software solutions that could perfectly match our clients’ organization needs. ”

For SMBs needing to deploy a custom software tool, Codica is eager to help them complete the same task.