Cenmax Enables Businesses to Scale Online Presence Through Web Hosting Services and a Global Datacenter Footprint

Cenmax Enables Businesses to Scale Online Presence Through Web Hosting Services and a Global Datacenter FootprintTL; DR: Cenmax provides a competitive variety of web hosting and organization email services to over 3, 000 clients over 80 countries. The company owns almost all of its global network commercial infrastructure, and it passes that value on its customers. IT, operating out of India, also recently widened its product portfolio, which include its WordPress hosting functions, with the launch of an suite of business support applications through a SaaS platform, Cenmax Substance

Cenmax, a hosting services provider operating out of India, differentiates itself which has a business model that can be both straightforward and exclusive. Its philosophy is determined by providing value-added features with no additional charges, an approach welcomed by its over 3, 000 customers around the world.Cenmax logoCenmax offers reasonably priced hosting solutions for corporations.

The company can accomplish that due to the economies of scale granted by owning most involving its global IT commercial infrastructure.

Cenmax operates 19 datacenters and possesses more than 100 various other points of presence worldwide — including 10, 000 servers to all. The company also operates a universal bandwidth backbone with a capacity of greater than 5Tbps.

And Cenmax is constantly on the innovate, recently launching Cenmax Substance, a new brand to provide a suite of organization support services delivered using an SaaS model. The team designed Cenmax Fluid to deliver everything a growing organization needs — from invoicing and project management for it helpdesk and lead management tools — at the reasonable monthly rate.

“We concentrate on one objective, ” said Kavin Raj, Inventor. “Cenmax clients should n’t need any other solution over and above our solutions. We try and be an all-encompassing web hosting service and business support solutions provider. ”

A One-Stop Look Concept That Maintains Price for Customers

Cenmax is also re-envisioning the very idea of the one-stop shop. That approach served THE IDEA market leaders well until eventually supplier lock-in caused the practice to shed some of its lure.

But Cenmax’s innovative procedure for the market and their reimagining of value have allowed the corporation to thrive as a wide hosting services provider. Cenmax have been adding value to their solutions at affordable price ranges since 2014, according for you to Kavin. And it has taken time to the market to understand and accept there’s no catch.

“People who arrive at our pricing ask people, ‘How on earth are generally your prices so cheap using these features? ’, ” Kavin explained. “The answer is very simple — it’s because Cenmax owns almost all of its networks and your underlying hardware. It helps us lower your expenses, and we share the savings with his customers. ”

Screenshot of Cenmax servicesCenmax aims to remain adding services to buyer packages without raising fees.But those low prices don’t equate to low-quality offerings, Kavin explained. Instead, the quality of Cenmax’s hosting services is a least a decade in advance of those provided by rivals in the website hosting message, according to Kavin.

“Cenmax is targeted squarely on giving customers what they desire, rather than upselling as well as downselling extra features, ” Kavin explained. “Our goal is to never charge extra for brand-new features — we simply introduce the crooks to the client’s existing deal.

SMBs Can Scale Flawlessly From Shared to Focused Servers

As a global internet hosting provider, Cenmax achieves economies involving scale by owning the hardware infrastructure what is the best its products run. That will need a significant upfront expenditure in facilities and tools, especially when expansion comes about across multiple continents.

Kavin and his team of computer experts understand that enterprise customers can have greater confidence in a new technology services partner that will owns and operates their global IT estate — especially the one which includes more than 10, 000 high-end hosts.

Screenshot of Cenmax focused servers graphicDedicated server plans appear in three tiers, depending in business size and requires.Cenmax’s Dedicated Server packages commence with its Basic plan, having a quad-core processor, and progress to the Standard option which has a hexa-core processor and your Premium version featuring the octa-core processor.

“Most Cenmax customers will be in the SMB space, don’t have their unique IT teams to placed these solutions together, and depend upon our expertise to guidebook them, ” said Kavin. “Having an avid server option makes the idea easier for hosted SMBs to scale approximately have greater control around their IT as his or her business needs grow. And they also can speak to a similar Cenmax support personnel they may have learned and trust. ”

Cenmax has locations in Ny, Dallas, and Toronto in America; Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Manchester in Europe; and Delhi along with Singapore further east. The corporation has also recently opened a whole new datacenter in Los Angeles. This specific facility is SSAE Variety 16 certified, which can make it a secure place for you to host sensitive data.

An array of Business Ops Tools coming from a Single Supplier

Cenmax describes its just lately launched Cenmax Fluid offshoot as being a tool to help proficiently manage leads, provide buyer support, and organize assignments. The solution is primarily geared towards SMBs in the design and style and software development groups.

Cenmax Fluid offers a number of core software components, which include project management, an THE IDEA help desk ticket technique, an Invoice system, and also a lead management tool. It is priced at three tiers according to your client’s needs: startup, small enterprise, and medium enterprise.

The offering began just as one in-house solution for Cenmax to work with, Kavin said.

Cenmax Substance bannerCenmax Fluid helps corporations efficiently manage leads along with support clients.“We were working with a project and having to acquire various support products and services. At first, that appeared like a cost-effective approach — $100 below, $100 there, and such like. But then we realized that our margins on fairly humble projects were squeezed with the costs of the different support services we only needed incrementally. Those $100 services add together and can easily transform into a $10, 000 spend. ”

Cenmax Fluid addresses the dilemma a large number of smaller businesses face when they need to operate on a per-project time frame.

“Typically, SMBs in design along with software development will use a great deal of separate applications to get another thing done on budget, ” they said. “But they ought to keep jumping between purposes, and because of that will, they go off-track, his or her productivity gets killed, properly, and no one linked to a project is actually productive. Cenmax Fluid has everything they want in an package. ”

New Datacenters Help Customers Depending COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the two IT services industry as well as customers. But the pandemic has become a factor in accelerating Cenmax’s tempo of expansion.

“We did start to see evidence that Cenmax buyers and their projects ended up bootstrapping, given the fact that many people around the world have had to online business due to the outbreak, ” said Kavin. “Businesses are desperately aiming to speed up their applications because of their users. We believe that this introduction of our Chicago datacenter facility will support businesses overcome the on-going situation. ”

It is going to take time for the THE IDEA services sector to adapt to the new normal, explained Kavin, but for Cenmax, the corporate culture it has established over the last six years remains steadfast.

Cybersecurity is another area which has been tested by the outbreak. In May 2020, Cenmax announced who’s would provide free DDoS protection to everyone its Linux VPS along with Windows VPS users, it doesn’t matter their plan or spot. Cenmax is currently delivering VPS servers in 10 spots across three continents.

“Moving onward, the core concept guiding Cenmax’s success stays a similar, ” said Kavin. “Simply introducing value for customers, in lieu of just taking money at their store. We should constantly add value for the people payments, and we will carry on and compete successfully on that will basis. ”.