Why You Need a CDN for your WordPress Blog? [Infographic 1]

We’ve been getting tons of requests on a detailed tutorial on learn how to speed up your WordPress blog page. In the past shows, we have stressed a good deal about it, but it still seems that marilyn and i don’t clarify ourselves an adequate amount of. Many beginners still don’t realize CDN is because we’ve been constantly asked with typically the question, “Would I still need hosting considerably more than simply get a CDN? ”.

This really partially our fault for the purpose of not making things clean. It was brought to our attention that every time we’ve found written about it, we always ignore the basics. So in this text, we will make a shot to explain precisely what CDN, and why you need a for your WordPress blog page.

Update: Just to illuminate, it is something you use as well as having a web hosting account mainly because it helps speed up important things. it does not replace a webhosting account. You still prefer a hosting provider prefer SiteGround, Bluehost, etc.


WordPress blog CDN infographic
Precisely  and Why you need a CDN

What is some CDN?

CDN is short for the purpose of Content Delivery Network a network of servers who deliver cached static articles and other content from websites to users using the geographic location of the owner. Pretty confusing eh? Let’s destroy it down in more simple words.

Normally when a user goes to your WordPress blog, they’ve been redirected to your web site host’s server (i. o HostGator). Your web host’s server is placed at a central specific location i. e Houston, ARIZONA. So every user within your website is accessing gas 4 free : server to view your WordPress blog  .

Now if you have high number of traffic, then you can overload your server leading to a slow loading site or maybe even server crash. This is where a CDN really shines handy because it’s actually a network of servers, but even more importantly these servers are spread during the world.

When you select a it, your static content might be cached and stored on every one of those servers. Static content comprises of images, stylesheets (css files), javascripts, cdn  Whizz, etc. Now when a user visits your web sites (original server), the CDN technology redirects it to the closest server at their location.

For example: If your primary main server is hosted in Houston, TX, not to mention someone from Durham, England tries to find it, then they will be redirected in the closest server that is definitely in London. This limits the sheer number of internet hops needed towards transmit the static files to all your end user.

User’s proximity to all your web server has impression on load time. By deploying your content across multiple geographically distributed servers, you can make a pages load faster out of your user’s perspective. This is when CDN really shines handy. In simple written text, the closer the CDN server is almost always to where your user might be, the faster the user contains the content.

Why you apparent CDN for your WordPress Blog page?

If you read search of a section, then you can clearly realize that having a it makes a huge impact within your website. Below are examples of the advantages that we have experienced on our site via a CDN:

  1. Speed – If we started using a CDN concerning our site, the online site got faster.
  2. Crash Resistance – Using you guys for showing our articles, we have received huge spells of traffic from social bookmarking on some of a lot of our articles. If it wasn’t for ones proper CDN and caching arrange, then our site would crash a multitude of times. It allows us to distribute force to multiple servers as an alternative for having 100% traffic to our main server thus which makes less likely to stop responding.
  3. Improved User Experience – Since we started finding a it, we have realized a decline in reversal rate on our online site. Furthermore, we have also spotted increased in page views and variety of pages viewed by every different user. So clearly an instant site means improved buyer experience.
  4. Improvement in SEO – Search engine has clearly stated that faster sites typically rank higher in Yahoo. We have noticed a lot of our site ranking higher if we did the optimization concerning our WordPress blog.
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