A Secure Digital Workspace Hosted in the Cloud: Cameyo Helps Organizations of All Sizes Deliver Business-Critical Apps

A Secure Digital Workspace Hosted in the Cloud: Cameyo Helps Organizations of All Sizes Deliver Business-Critical Apps

TL; DR: Cameyo is often a digital transformation powerhouse, allowing businesses to offer mission-critical applications via a fairly easy web browser on just about any device and without VPNs. The company’s cloud-hosted digital camera workspace successfully balances a user-friendly experience which has a strong, zero-trust security good posture. With a new world-wide partner program, Cameyo is helping partners match the increased demand for productivity solutions inside remote workplace. 

The phrase zero-trust security may could be seen as it was born beyond paranoia, but there is nothing over-suspicious about it security concept. Developed really by cybersecurity expert Bob Kindervag, the verification-based methodology is aimed at the notion that organizations ought not automatically trust anything inside or over and above their network perimeters.

As outlined by Robb Henshaw, CMO along with Co-Founder at Cameyo, this specific year’s spike in rural workforces has spurred greater adoption of zero-trust stability measures.

“Even if employees get company-owned laptops managed with the IT department, once you send them home to function remotely, they’re going to need to use their MacBooks, not only a clunky old PC, ” they said. “Since there’s absolutely no way of knowing what device they may use, IT teams also have to move to a new zero-trust model that won’t grant unfettered entry to the corporate network along with data. ”

Robb Henshaw, CMO, CameyoRobb Henshaw, Co-Founder along with CMO, gave us your scoop on Cameyo’s rural app enablement.
Cameyo’s cloud-hosted digital workspace does this — allowing employees gain access to business-critical apps on the product of their choice with no sacrificing security.

“We’re giving companies to be able to provide their people while using freedom to work the way that they need to work, in the way that may be most productive for these people, without compromising their stability posture, ” Robb explained. “A lot of some time, these things are in odds, but Cameyo makes it simplallows you. ”

The solution provides employees with entry to their applications via a fairly easy browser session that’s entirely separate through the corporate network. No virtual private network (VPN) is essential, and employees can employ nearly any device.

“And the idea doesn’t matter if that will device is riddled using malware, ” Robb explained. “Because it’s not connecting for a network and has no influence on your corporate protection, ” Robb explained.

Helping Customers Access Legacy Apps inside Cloud

Cameyo was launched in 2018 by endpoint stability expert Eyal Dotan (Cameyo’s CTO), Phil Miller (CEO), and Robb. Eyal’s 2 decades of experience includes building the malware protection option ViGuard, which was later acquired by LANDESK and at last became what is now generally known as the Ivanti Endpoint Stability solution. He also contains 12 computer security patents.

Throughout the time of the company’s founding, many organizations were looking to migrate their businesses on the cloud.

One of the most significant things holding them rear was the anchor of a bunch of their legacy applications — Glass windows, ERP systems, CRM devices, EHR software for selected industries — just major, heavy legacy Windows software that don’t run inside cloud, on a Macintosh personal computer, or on Chromebooks, ” Robb explained.

Cameyo logo with image of world mapCameyo allows remote workers receive entry to the apps they must get their jobs accomplished.
Such applications were not works with the cloud-based business style. So Cameyo built a new virtual application delivery podium and digital workspace that got simple for employers to grant a bunch of their people access to his or her desktop apps — with no installing and managing purposes on every device.

“At the core of our own system is this serious zero-trust security model developed upon Eyal’s strong sector background, ” Robb explained. “With that level involving competence, we have had time to provide a straightforward, user-friendly experience while increasing a company’s security good posture. ”

Today, Cameyo empowers hundreds of organizations to offer Windows and other interior web apps to users worldwide, making remote work not only a possibility but an useful and secure one.

Endorsing High-Security Performance and Optimizing UX

Cameyo, a new virtual application solution, shouldn’t be confused while using virtual desktop infrastructure alternatives, such as Citrix. Robb told us that you have different approaches to providing searching for workspace — and it’s no either-or proposition.

“In a major organization, typically you’ll have a % of power users who truly have to have a full virtual desktop, ” they said. “Usually, about 90% of your respective people in any granted organization don’t need that will. What they need can be anytime, anywhere access to the applications they must do their job. Everything else would be overkill. ”

Cameyo enables businesses for you to right-size their virtualization approach with a per-user basis, effectively minimizing costs and complexity even though enhancing security.

“The cost and implementation time is significantly less than rolling out classic virtual desktop infrastructure, ” Robb explained. “Everything is fully cloud-hosted using Cameyo, so from the IT perspective, it makes your health easier. Our goal should be to make our people more productive by giving tools that help these people perform. ”

When business models did start to change dramatically in Drive, many IT leaders ventured into VPNs to facilitate remote-work, Ron said.

“At the commencing, they were just throwing money with the problem, like, ‘This will be a short-term thing, let’s just give anyone VPNs and call it every day. ’ But VPNs cant be found built for connecting tens of thousands of people to a new corporate network. ”

VPNs also didn’t be the better choice from a security standpoint. Robb told us that they can essentially provide a secure connection between a device and the corporate multilevel. If the device can be infected with malware, a VPN only results in an isolated bridge relating to the infected device and your network.

Cameyo’s VPN-less structure, on the other side, delivers the no-trust stability model via secure delivery of software through the browser.

Get Up along with Running with Cameyo Within just Hours

Since the outbreak started, Cameyo has grown its customer base coming from a pool of approximately 75 businesses with an impressive 300. Robb loans Cameyo’s simple installation along with deployment process.

“Rather when compared with spending months deploying personal desktop infrastructure, you can be working with Cameyo within hours to the initial installation and deployment, ” they said. “Then, it only takes every day or so before each of the applications are loaded and able to roll out. ”

When coronavirus lockdowns were first implemented in england, the Cameyo team gotten an urgent call coming from a large energy company aiming to provide employees remote entry to their ERP system. That call came about on a Friday day. By Sunday afternoon, Cameyo was able to grant remote access on the system to all 5, 000-plus employees by way of a secure browser.

Regardless involving industry or budget, Cameyo gives professionals to be able to enable remote productivity in a matter of days, certainly not weeks. In another predicament, Cameyo helped 34 institution districts deploy hosted learning solutions within 30 days.

“We ended up using VMware, but the charge was prohibitive, especially pertaining to widespread remote learning, ” explained John Cerio, Network Supervisor at New York’s Baldwinsville Core School District, in in a situation study. “We needed a cost-effective alternative that might enable us to provide our students with access to each of the apps they need — which include legacy Windows apps — off their Chromebooks. Cameyo not only saved us a bunch of money compared to VMware, nevertheless it is incredibly easy to deal with and is more risk-free. ”

Introducing the Cameyo World-wide Partner Program

In Sept, Cameyo announced the launch in the Cameyo Global Partner Software. The initiative will provide partners with entry to additional resources and positive aspects. Current partners include Achab, Increased IT, Apisec, ASG Cameras, Datacom, D&H Distributing, Helio Summit, Neverware, Onix, Online Lover, Softwatch, and Synnex.

“One of the things which we’re seeing is that through the board, not just coming from a customer perspective, but via these channel partners, is that everybody has been searching for a better way to deal with technology than virtual a desktop or Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS), ” Robb explained.

The sellers and distributors who have opted in for the partner program thus far have had positive opinions.

“The reaction from their customer base to having a new option, developing a different way to approach this concern has been great, ” Robb explained. “They can keep his or her businesses running cost-effectively during a period when cutting costs is more important previously. ”.