A Customer-Centric Approach: Hostimul’s Reliable and Scalable Solutions Help Users of All Skill Levels Build and Maintain Online Presence

A Customer-Centric Approach: Hostimul’s Reliable and Scalable Solutions Help Users of All Skill Levels Build and Maintain Online PresenceTL; DR: Founded in 2017, Hostimul is quickly earning a reputation due to the reliable, scalable, and competitively charged hosting solutions. The company’s primary goal should be to earn the unwavering have confidence in of its customers by giving the around-the-clock support they must build and maintain an excellent online presence. With a 30-day trial period and also a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all those shared plans, Hostimul is furthering their commitment to putting the person first.

There’s don’t any doubt that were fully immersed in a new technological era. It’s common knowledge we socialize through online websites, shop virtual marketplaces, use outside agencies for professional tasks to unnatural intelligence, and even educate our little ones via digital pedagogy.

Taking into consideration this, you’d think nearly everyone in the industry world would know how to establish an online business — or at least appreciate how crucial it is for this. But that’s not true. Even though 97% of consumers use the internet here to research local services before making a invest in, 36% of small corporations still lack online manifestation.

Hostimul logoHostimul offers lightning-fast solutions backed by back-up and support.To help these corporations get online as quickly and efficiently as it can be, companies like Hostimul provide an array of hosting services designed for you to scale with growing corporations — and they’re backed by around-the-clock back-up and support.

“Our 24/7 hosting authorities are always available to help you out, regardless of how much you already know about hosting, ” explained Parvin Huseynli, Sales Boss at Hostimul. “From your beginners to advanced pros, our specialists can help customers of all expertise levels to answer questions within a brief time period of time. ”

Launched in 2017, Hostimul worked as a chef hard to earn your trust of its customer base within two years. Today, the corporation prides itself in their reliable, responsive support crew and 100% satisfaction promise. With affordable price points and numerous shared, virtual, and focused plans, Hostimul continues to reduce barriers to entry straight into online markets for appearing and established businesses the same.

High-Performance Shared, Virtual, along with Dedicated Hosting Solutions

Hostimul’s entire suite of shared, personal, and dedicated servers was meant to provide a solution for every single customer need. The company’s shared hosting packages allow multiple users to leverage a similar server, creating an economical option for small enterprise websites, personal pages, websites, and forums.

Customers with high-traffic websites seeking the freedom and command to tailor their hosting ways of individual need may enjoy the main advantages of Hostimul’s dedicated hosting strategies. All dedicated servers are generally hosted in reliable Tier III datacenters in Dallas, Los Angeles, plus the Netherlands. Each location capabilities redundant power and a / c resources, 24/7 security security, video surveillance, and programmed fire extinguishers.

Graphics depicting Hostimul serversThe company comes with a full selection of distributed, virtual, and dedicated web hosting service solutions.To strike a new balance between cost along with performance, customers may utilize Hostimul’s scalable virtual web hosting service plans, which are more reasonably priced than dedicated servers but feature greater stability and control when compared to shared hosting plans. All cloud VPS plans come pre-loaded with unlimited root access, delivering full server control.

Granted the demand for WordPress, which powers nearly 35% of the net, Hostimul also offers plans explicitly optimized to the CMS through improved functionality and built-in protection via WordPress-specific attacks. Available by way of three tiered packages using increasing disk space, Hostimal’s WordPress hosting is built to help users create an experienced site in minutes.

Risk-free, Reliable Services Prevent High priced Network Downtime

Life in a very digital world has their downsides, including an abundance of online criminals aiming to exploit online businesses along with consumers alike. Modern threats appear in many forms. Perpetrators use Distributed Refusal of Service (DDoS) attacks to generate resources unavailable by too much to handle the network with surplus traffic. In other circumstances, criminals send viruses along with ransomware through malicious electronic mail attachments.

With that planned, Hostimul designed its stock portfolio of hosting services which has a focus on security. To shield customers from the provocations of today, Hostimal offers essential DDoS security on all cloud servers for free, plus automatic daily backups that will guarantee full recovery regarding data loss.

Moreover, the company provides an experienced anti-spam solution with innovative filtering tools that shield users from phishing problems, malware, and viruses. These tools not only protect against the losing of sensitive data, but they slow up the chance of downtime — which poses a tremendous threat to ecommerce corporations, costing them an regular of $5, 600 for each minute.

To ensure that people to websites hosted by Hostimul experience safe, all plans feature free SSL certificates that will safely encrypt data sent through the customer’s browser to your company’s server. SSL certificates can be a top priority for modern-day sites: If you don’t get one, Google will display a new “Not Secure” warning inside visitor’s URL bar. Those two simple words serve as being a red flag to guests, and will likely travel them away.

Affordable Price Points and 24/7 Customer care

The hosting market can be highly saturated, to say the lowest amount of. As of 2018, the cloud computing along with hosting industry was worth nearly $118 billion and is predicted to arrive at $156 billion by 2020.

For companies like Hostimul to survive this a higher level competition, top-notch customer assistance is key. After most, 44% of consumers get their business elsewhere after receiving poor customer satisfaction. And that’s easy to perform when they’re faced using numerous options.

That’s precisely why, rather than trying to generate a quick profit off numerous customers as possible, Hostimul concentrates on coupling affordable prices using quality support. Based with a recent customer review put up on TrustPilot, the tactic is working.

“This site offers awesome and good pricing for VPS web hosting service, ” Jonas Pauli reported. “Sometimes, a low price implies less service — but not in such cases! Hostimul’s reliable and involved yourself support answers requests within just minutes. ”

A Good 30-Day Trial Period

Unclear if Hostimul is the provider in your case? The company offers a new 30-day money-back guarantee on all shared hosting plans that allows customers to learn the service without fiscal risk. New customers could also receive a 10% discounted off their first internet hosting purchase.

“Customer satisfaction is our the goal, ” Parvin said. “If you try on our web hosting service and they are not satisfied for just about any reason, you may request a new 100% refund within four weeks. ”

With that form of safety net, there’s no reason the 36% of small businesses proprietors who still lack on-line representation shouldn’t expand his or her digital horizons.