The Life Hack You Need: Bluelounge’s CableBox and Cord Management Accessories Reduce Visual Clutter in Your Workspace

The Life Hack You Need: Bluelounge’s CableBox and Cord Management Accessories Reduce Visual Clutter in Your WorkspaceTL; DR: Bluelounge, founded in 1999, is surely an international design studio devoted to solving modern problems by way of well-designed products. One of its most favored products, CableBox, gives consumers a means to conceal unruly cables and power strips on the job, at home, or anywhere that has to have a little tidying way up. Moving forward, Bluelounge, now within the Advantus umbrella, will use its customer-first procedure for expand its product portfolio with more tech organization options.

Despite the promise involving wireless technology, our modern lives remain wrapped up in a very jungle of cords. To the type-A personalities among people, these tangles are a day-to-day nuisance, serving as the two eyesores and dust draws in.

If you don’t need to surrender your phones, Television sets, computers, and IoT gadgets inside name of organization, cable management boxes can be a great solution. Products like Bluelounge’s CableBox offer a secure way to wrangle cords, both eliminating clutter and keeping them faraway from children, pets, and vacuum cleaners.

Bluelounge logoBluelounge’s CableBox keeps messy cables beyond sight — and head.And they’re easy to work with. With CableBox, there’s do not need unplug your surge guardian or power strip — only place everything inside, run your cables over the two outlets, and snap for the lid. Rubber feet for the bottom on the technique keep it from dropping, while flame-retardant plastic provides comfort.

“We have been constantly told that this world will be instant, yet all wireless chargers include a cable to plug right charger — which is then plugged into a surge protector, and that is then plugged into your wall, ” said Dominic Symons, Inventor & Product Designer in Bluelounge. “We have yet to view a truly wireless entire world, and I think it it’s still a while until you do. ”

While we delay, the designers at Bluelounge are going to be busy adding to your company’s lineup of intelligent products that solve every day problems through design, via cable management tools along with straps to stands, luggage, and even desks specifically made for electronic devices.

Taming the Cable Takeover Since Pre-iPod Era

Dominic along with Melissa Sunjaya, both makers, founded Bluelounge in 1999 as being a creative firm providing artwork design, brand strategy, along with consulting services for clientele worldwide.

Bluelounge launched before iPhones — or maybe iPods — began cluttering up desks using dirt-grabbing white charging cords. When the company commenced designing products of a, Dominic was determined to unravel modern problems through classy and sophisticated design.

“The goal was to deliver cable management solutions that you might be proud of and still have on display. At that period, all cable management ended up being ugly industrial ‘under your desk’ solutions, ” Dominic explained. “We decided to grow it ‘on the desk. ’”

Bluelounge CableBox product shotsCableBox comes in several modern colors designed to further improve your space.The packing containers, initially released in non colored documents versions, were designed to further improve the decor of a place, rather than distract from that. In 2018, Bluelounge introduced two brand-new color options to fit an array of interior designs — Moonlight Orange and Light Sage.

“Color variety was key, ” Dominic explained. “Finding the right strong and dusty hues presented an issue, but we’re certain that will Moonlight Blue and Light Sage include the perfect shades to rounded out any interior place. ”

Over the several years, Bluelounge’s practical and magnificently designed products have received numerous international awards to the company, which is based in Singapore with inventive studios and R&D categories in Jakarta, Indonesia, along with Pasadena, California.

These add the Red Dot Design Awards if International Forum Design Accolades in Germany, Japan’s Very good Design Awards, and Green Good Design and style Awards and Spark Design and style & Architecture Awards in the us.

Brand-Agnostic, Everyday Staples using Long Shelf Lives

Too often in your hardware world do we put money into something just to are phased out in a couple of years. Fortunately, Bluelounge doesn’t comply with that type of thinking process in product design along with development.

Instead, the company wants buyers to feel confident actually spending their hard-earned us dollars wisely.

“We believe Bluelounge products really should have a minimum 5-10 calendar year shelf life, ” Dominic explained. “Bluelounge does not make device-specific products which have been obsolete in nine a few months. This is a audio concept, both ecologically along with business-wise. ”

Customers apparently agree.

“I purchased two about recently and still really enjoy them, ” said Oughout. S. customer Melissa in a very review on the Bluelounge internet site. “They look really wonderful, especially compared to your mess of cords I had created before, and fit well inside spaces I wanted to work with them in. ”

CableDrop product or service shotsOther Bluelounge solutions, including CableDrops, keep wires precisely available.The designers at Bluelounge also try to create products, such while CableBox and CableDrops, that could become staples in customers’ day-to-day lives. CableDrops can always be affixed to desks, partitions, and nightstands to keep cables available with a simple peel from the lime and stick application.

Customers can select the original CableDrop, suitable for large cables such while Thunderbolt and Apple 30-pin fittings, or the smaller CableDrop Tiny, made for smaller cables much like the Apple Lightning or Micro-USB wire.

“The underlying tenet for our products is that they must be extremely useful and lovely but unassuming, ” Dominic explained.

A Customer-First Approach for you to Innovation

In early 2018, Bluelounge ended up being acquired by Advantus Corp., a new producer of consumer, professional, and durable goods throughout Jacksonville, Florida. Dominic is constantly on the provide creative direction to the brand in designing functional, relatable products fueled by simply imagination.

Since 1988, Advantus has acquired over 30 companies and generates upon the strengths with their product lines via integration while using Advantus OS.

“Advantus is often a customer-centric company that concentrates on growth by acquisition, ” explained Rana Coggins, VP involving Sales Administration & Promoting at Advantus. “Our number one goal is to carry on and diversify our business along with satisfy our customers’ requires. Each acquisition is exclusive, and our team spends countless hours ensuring all essential solutions, people, and processes are intact to remain to meet customer expectations and at last grow that brand as well as line. ”

Rana said the company’s key to success is simple. “Stay focused on the buyer, ” she said. “Look for companies that could complement our product collections. Fold in key possessions. Continue to make wonderful products. Repeat. ”

Dominic instructed us that, when it relates to internal development, the course of action and discussions are primarily based around adapting to client needs.

“Listening to customer feedback plus the latest trends always component into our decisions — though the most difficult perhaps the process is finding out and about which trend or transfer in consumer behavior brings about the need for a whole new product type, ” they said.

Expanding the Advantus Product or service Portfolio

As for what the longer term holds, Rana told us that this sole purpose of your Bluelounge acquisition was for you to broaden the Advantus product or service portfolio and better provide customers.

“The Bluelounge class of products complements our organizational collections beautifully, ” she explained. “They are simple, wise, problem-solving solutions. ”

At the same time, Dominic will continue to make effortless solutions for streamlining modern-day life.

“Dominic, Bluelounge’s inventor and designer, continues to function on product development year-round, so almost always there is something on the horizon — similar to our Cable Ties, a fairly easy hook and loop strap which has a twist, ” Rana explained. “Visit our site Bluelounge. com pertaining to new updates. ”.