Blesta: An Open Customer Management, Billing, and Support Platform Designed Specifically for Hosting Companies

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TL; DR: Blesta is a developer-friendly accounts receivable and support management platform for internet hosting providers. The solution, developed on publicly documented, object-oriented rule, is almost 100% wide open, with only three data encoded for license security purposes. With roots that get back on 2000, the company now uses its over two decades of experience to deliver industry-leading customer management technology for a lot more hosting providers.

For hosting companies, finding a dependable billing management provider is crucial. Like any company, hosts provide services to customers, and they desire a customer-friendly way to deal with billing, payments, and vulnerable information.

Dependability is heavily weighed in the platform that they choose. No host appreciates keeping the rug pulled out from under them by the third-party billing provider objective on hiking up fees.

Now, on the heels of an competitor’s decision to bring to close owned license support, one billing automation firm is building customer trust by vowing to set integrity first.

“Our goal all along have been to create something you can be proud of and provide ideal customer experience, ” explained Paul Phillips, Founder involving Blesta. “While a lot of companies make a bunch of their decisions based on raising revenue, we believe our software package should sell itself in such a way. People shouldn’t be strong-armed straight into buying it. ”

Paul Phillips, Founder of BlestaPaul Phillips, Inventor, filled us in about how Blesta differentiates itself out there.
That passion for customer satisfaction is apparent in Blesta’s promotions — and it’s precisely why the platform is quickly to become popular choice for buyer management, billing, and assist among hosting providers.

Involving an open code starting, powerful extensions, in-depth certification, and a helpful individual community, Blesta is exceptionally developer-friendly.

The software relies upon the power of automation to reduce technical burdens, taking care of many methods from invoicing and provisioning for you to suspension and payment. It’s also security-focused and intuitively meant to provide an ideal buyer experience for clients along with staff alike.

“We try and create the possible code base to ensure Blesta does what it to do — and should it well, ” Paul explained.

Providing Innovative Billing Solutions Since Turn of the Centuries

The history of Blesta began in 2000 while using founding of Phillips Files, Inc.

“We were officially formed just as one ISP and web webhost in December 2000, ” Paul said. “We were selling dial-up access to the internet hosting accounts with probably 50 megabytes of place; obviously, the industry has changed a good deal since then. But another thing we noticed back and then was how difficult it turned out to manage invoicing throughout Microsoft Word and Exceed. ”

As the firm grew, Paul couldn’t find the right market solution for buyer management, billing, and assist services. So, in 2003, he built his very own.

“I wrote the primary version of Blesta, i named AC4, ” Paul said. “It stood for Programmed Complete Customer Control Centre — which just didn’t contain the same ring as Blesta. ”

Blesta on desktop along with mobileBlesta runs beautifully on desktop and cellular phones.
In 2007, Blesta version 1 was already released publicly. “My brother Cody ended up being working toward his laptop or computer science degree at Florida State Polytechnic University, Pomona, ” Paul said. “I brought him fully briefed, and he helped transform into a product by rounding out many of the features we had along with getting an installer prepared. ”

By 2013, the team thought we would rewrite the software through the ground up using PHP along with Blesta’s own open-source min PHP MVC composition for application development. Blesta is object-oriented and extendable.

“Probably 80% in the codebase in our initial release was authored by me, and I don’t really consider myself that great at software growth. So when we thought we would rewrite the software, I only devoted to managing the project along with frontend development. It’s been good to hand the codebase over to additional experienced developers. ”

The Open, Developer-Friendly Alternative on the Competition

After the comprehensive rewrite of Version 3. 0, Blesta’s simplicity and convenience began to attract buyers in droves. Today, due to its innovation, well-written rule, and the support of a huge number of customers worldwide, Blesta may be a leader in your hosting billing software place.

“After one of each of our competitors got purchased by simply cPanel, we heard complaints from customers who found themselves migrating to us in connection with way their offering got changed, ” Paul explained.

Blesta is determined to never put customers in any sort of bait-and-switch scenario.

“For people, it’s really about your innovation, ” Paul explained. “Blesta was the for starters of our competitors to provide an option for two-factor authentication, which we saw as critical ahead of time. We didn’t charge to the option, but some of our own competitors decided to carry out it and charge another monthly fee for that will security. We figured that will, in the case involving security measures that everyone must be using, there shouldn’t be a different cost. ”

Client viewBuilt in publicly documented, object-oriented rule, Blesta is almost 100% open-source.
Paul told us that Blesta’s experience-based idea of billing systems allows the crooks to distinguish themselves from his or her competitors.

Most software limits that you monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, once-a-year plans, ” he explained. “But some people want to generate a plan that recurs every four weeks versus every one thirty day period, or they might are looking for a trial product that’s beneficial to seven days. With Blesta, you can create renewals with many days, weeks, months, as well as years. ”

Blesta also means that we can pay multiple invoices in a single transaction.

Creating Accommodating Omnichannel Customer Experiences

Paul said many in the features the company features implemented came as a direct result of a feedback loop between Blesta as well as customers.

“We found that for being critical, ” he explained. “When people request a whole new feature, others can upvote that feature in order that it comes to our awareness. It’s always great to acquire feedback from users whom say, ‘Hey, I requested a feature and you guys truly implemented it. ’ it just signifies that we care about what the buyer wants and needs — knowing that fits with our goal to construct the best product we are able to. ”

Over the several years, Blesta has brought multiple features on the market that didn’t occur previously, such as multi company assist. Through this feature, Blesta delivers to be able to assign staff to a number companies, with different permissions and unique roles for each and every.

It also offers comprehensive separation of client facets, packages, invoices, email web themes, and gateways — virtually like having two distinct installations.

Additionally, multi company support empowers users to configure every one of their companies to use different hostnames using own branding.

“A wide range of people own multiple hosting companies or brands, ” Paul said. “And with each of our competitor, they ended up acquiring several licenses and managing several different installations along with staff log-ins. Blesta’s multi-company solution brings everything together within the same installation. ”

Using Blesta, users can flip between the two between their companies as an administrator using the company’s access control listing (ACL) permissions.

“This is not something that could be easily tacked onto active software, which may be why it’s not only a common feature, ” Paul said.

Next Up: Area Manager Updates

Paul told us that Blesta’s goal continuing to move forward is to eliminate just about any feature disparity between its platform the ones of its competitors.

“If I’m going to discuss the good, I’ve got to discuss the bad in the eye of transparency, ” they said. “For example, Blesta has room for improvement inside domain registration space. We’re implementing an update that will enable users to line pricing in a grid for TLDs and still have registration dates sync using registrars. We are also going to offer really not a new and renewal price tag, but a transfer price tag on domains. ”

The corporation is also working for you to onboard hosting providers that include reseller packages.

“Bundling Blesta with his or her reseller hosting plans not simply gives their customers everything they must succeed but ensures there’s not a draw to enable them to move elsewhere.