Cheap Web Hosting 2019

The most popular and cheapest web hosting services in the world

The importance of web hosting in online business is behind explanation. The page load time and the reliability of a website depend on web hosting. It plays a direct role in business success.One has to emphasize affordability besides ensuring quality. But, how you will have the combination of quality and affordability to take web hosting.

Do you want to have the best cheap web hosting for your business? You should not be worry from web hosting company to company. we have surfed, filtered and compiled already. Just scan the page from top to bottom. You will have the core concept of cheap web hosting. let you know have the details one by one.
• Cost: $2.75/mo
• Load Time: 419 ms
• Uptime: 99.97%

HostGator Cloud: Cheapest 6-Month Plan
Free SSL, Free Site Migration, Free Backups

HostGator Review:

One of the most reliable web hosting company is HostGator. The HostGator Cloud is affordable, faster and reliable hosting. The monthly price is minimum. You can have one month hosting at $2.75.

if you have a long time project, you can have a 24 or 36-month plan. As a result, It is comfortable with its renewal system. if you have short time plan, you can use 2 months or 6 months plan. The load time is faster than the average hosting company. The load time is on average 419ms.

The web hosting package comes with $13.99/month. But this company gives a special offer which is only $2.99/mo to $5.18/month. The price also depends on the period of subscription.

2.Bluehost: Best Uptime (Reliability)

Cost: $2.75/mo
Load Time: 425 ms
Uptime: <99.99%

Bluehost review:

Bluehost is one of the most famous web hosting company. It is the most reliable one. The company maintains unmetered Bandwidth. This is one of the widely known web hosting service company. More than 2 million websites are available in the Bluehost server. The average load time is 425 ms.

They offer also free domain 4 hours of live support a cheap plan. But the user wants to take a short package cannot take the opportunities. Only the user who is committed to taking more than 36 months, should use this. They will be able to enjoy the affordable price.see more… Fastest Load Time

Cost: $1.45/mo
Load Time: 385 ms
Uptime: 99.87%
Cheap and Fast Hosting

This hosting service is famous for a low price. The load time is faster. If anyone wants to enjoy the cheap hosting price, he can enjoy the offer of Hostinger. The cost of the cheapest plan is $1.45/month. This company also ensures 24/7 Live Chat via. when they bring a discount, the price come down at least to $0.80. The speed of the hosting is at 385ms.

Cheapest 12-Month Plan
WestHost – cheap hosting
Cost: $1.99/mo
Load Time: 893ms
Uptime: 99.93%

WestHost is another famous hosting provider. It is outstanding because of its cheap price. The uptime and speed are praiseworthy. The speed is 893ms and uptime is (99.93%). This site is famous for hosting a website at $1.99/month for the first year. The renewal price may increase up to $8.00/month.


5. iPage: Most “Feature Rich” Low-Cost Hosting

Cost: $1.99/mo
Load Time: 820ms
Uptime: 99.98%

iPage review

ipage is super faster hosting provider. The cost of the host is less than any other hosting provider. The price is too lowest to imagine. The mothly hoasting price is at $1.99. The negative aspect of the hosting provider is that it has no exception. The average load time is 82o ms. Becasue of cheap cost, their service has been among the top sellers.

DreamHost: Affordable Host

Cost: $2.59/mo
Load Time: 709 ms
Uptime: 99.95%

If you want to have an annual plan, you can save extra cost. The annual plan takes only $2.59/month. The uptime is excellent. The uptime is around 99.95% for ten months. Their customer servic is also satisfactory. If any one feels problem, he can have a solution in no time through live chat.

7. WebHostingPad: Worst Performing
Cost: $1.99/mo
Load Time: 1,423 ms
Uptime: 96.73%

WebHostingPad Review

The hosting service is renowned becasue of its affordability. The on average uptime of the hosting is 96.73%. According to
client, Its downtime per year is 200 hours. Its customer support and price is more than enough. But the user does not feel confident because of its uptime.

As an online entrepreneur, one has to invest a portion of the budget to the hosting provider. So, before taking service, it is carrying need to research enough to select the best-suited hoster. If you want to take service from a cheap hosting provider, you can select any of the mentioned hosting provider. The hosting providers save your budget in an excellent way.


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