The Podcast Host Founder Colin Gray on Recording, Editing, Publishing, and Hosting Spoken Content

The Podcast Host Founder Colin Gray on Recording, Editing, Publishing, and Hosting Spoken Content

TL; DR: The Podcast Host is often a comprehensive guide to podcasting made up of the simplicity, brevity, and clarity needed to make what is usually a complex process more offered. Colin Gray, CEO along with Founder, designed the site to help you users cast away tech worries and target creating engaging content. Moreover, The Podcast Host’s podcast-maker software, Alitu, automates technical complexities and streamlines the design process with simple nevertheless powerful drag-and-drop tools

“Serial, ” a 2014 podcast organized by investigative journalist Dorothy Koenig, is often credited with putting podcasting for the map — and forever reason.

The gripping investigation in the grisly 1999 murder involving 18-year-old Hae Min Shelter — and her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed’s subsequent life sentence to the crime — dominated advertising headlines and water-cooler chats.

Word of the whodunit happening spread fast among supporters and amateur sleuths, who helped “Serial” obtain 5 million iTunes downloads at the record-breaking pace. If that will weren’t enough, Saturday Night Live comic Cecily Strong’s spot-on feeling of “Serial” Host Dorothy Koenig thrust the podcast into a good brighter spotlight.

Colin Dreary, CEO and Founder in the Podcast Host, already had a well-established site for the topic when “Serial” grew to be a breakout hit.

Your Podcast Host Founder Colin Dreary and logoColin Gray, Inventor, told us The Podcast Number helps visitors break in the world of podcasting.
“The well-known media all covered ‘Serial’, which in turn helped attract interest, because more people heard the saying ‘podcasting’ and wanted to determine what it was, ” Colin explained. “It also helped that will Apple began including its Podcast app by default on every single iphone 3gs. There was no further software to download, which made the task quite simple. ”

Android followed Apple’s steer with sophisticated but intuitive podcasting apps suitable for everyone — from newcomers to power users. But while advancements throughout technology (and the acceptance of ‘Serial’) certainly gave podcasting an enhancement, Colin said the sector has generally experienced dependable growth.

“Podcasting has never achieved that huge inflection point that you just saw with YouTube as well as blogging where usage skyrocketed over a year, ” Colin said. “Even using ‘Serial’, the shifts haven’t been recently groundbreaking. It’s very very much been a slow, continuous growth. ”

Through Your Podcast Host, Colin and his team strives to hold the momentum going which has a comprehensive guide to podcasting and a modern podcast maker app, Alitu. By simply offering straightforward, easy-to-digest written content and automating workflows, the corporation helps podcasters share his or her voices without technical problems over equipment, recording, along with hosting.

An All-Inclusive Podcasting Guide Born coming from a Hobby

In 2011, Colin worked at the university where he taught professors tips on how to leverage technology in his or her courses. At the occasion, he created a lesson specifically about how to enhance the mastering experience through podcasting.

“I fell fond of the medium at some time, because I love that will balance of information and personality that one could get across, ” they told us. “It thinks quite personal, quite intimate to speak with someone available as a conversation, as instead of a mass broadcast. ”

Back then, Colin (and the standard population) still considered podcasting an activity, rather than a written content marketing tool. So while Colin launched The Podcast Number that year, he did so merely to express information with others considering the topic.

“I wrote articles on what are best microphones to employ, and how to boost your speaking skills, ” they said. “And it was even though I was interested, and I’m a lttle bit geeky about stuff. While i learn something, I need to share it with people. I didn’t think I’d achieve anything regarding turning it into an enterprise. ”

Right now, the site is a one-stop search for podcasting advice on techie gear, recording a demonstrate, content planning, editing, generation, launching, and growth approaches. Users can also obtain a free seven-day trial involving Alitu, the company’s programmed podcasting platform. Both seasoned and budding podcasters will use the platform to distribute or record content, clean up audio, edit it by using a simple drag-and-drop interface, and publish it straight away to a podcast hosting assistance.

(Hint: When deciding best places to host your podcast, reference the site’s many resources for the topic, such as this roundup involving hosts the team definitely uses or has used during the past. Or, check out your Podcast Host Academy pertaining to personalized, in-depth coaching, means, and courses on generating the hosting process less complicated, among many other topics).

In the long run, these resources combine to avoid wasting podcasters time and substantially reduce pain points.

“When setting up a podcast, there are two stuff people always tell us they battle with: Because there are countless steps in podcasting, they don’t have sufficient time, ” Colin explained. “They also don’t need to worry about the techie aspects. We save people time knowning that mental load of learning and keeping up with this technology themselves. ”

Where do you start? Finding Your Unique Viewpoint

Colin told us that podcasts will often be more engaging than various other marketing mediums, such while blogging and video.

“You’re lucky if you possibly could get people to watch a video a couple of minutes or skim by having a blog post for 40 seconds, ” he explained. “But people listen for you to podcasts for 30 minutes during a period, even one or a pair of hours, all the means through. It’s a smaller sized audience, but far additional engaged. ”

Podcasting has rapidly proven itself inside advertising world, leading to better market recognition, brand identification, and overall financial good results.

“Podcasts have been that can have much better activity rates, in terms in the percentage of people being attentive and whether they’ll accomplish what you’ve asked the crooks to do, ” Colin explained. “And that leads to your better ROI. ”

Image of Colin with wording reading "Ping! Level way up your podcast! "Colin covers information of taking your podcast coming from a hobby to a full-time organization.
In terms of your trends or challenges that podcasters ought to stay ahead of, Colin explained that, while technology is critical, it shouldn’t be the principle focus. Equipment-wise, he recommends that newcomers scan The Postcast Host for articles regarding the best equipment, tools, along with software, choosing solutions that fit in their budget and move in.

“Certainly, you have to be sure quality audio, but beyond some level, which is reached using any decent UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS mic, and a reasonably soft room that isn’t most tiles, ” he explained. “That combination will placed you into the outside of category in terms involving audio quality. From generally there, you should concentrate in content. ”

Colin recommends that podcasters consider bringing with a co-host, as the dynamic chats between two employees or friends can be more engaging than one-way interview. It’s also good for you to clearly define how your current show and message stand in addition to those of others.

“It’s with regards to finding an angle, ” they said. “If you’re gonna discuss politics, maybe it’s for the particular audience: Politics pertaining to teenagers, politics for folks who live in North Carolina, or politics through the perspective of someone who spent my childhood years in South Africa, that features a very turbulent political local climate. It could be an angle using the person you’re speaking using or your background. ”

Straightforwardness, Brevity, and Clarity: Creating Content to the Reader

Simplicity, brevity, and clarity include the common denominators underlying anything The Podcast Host crew does. When describing lucidity, Colin said he thinks time for his background in educating.

“Clarity, to me, signifies that if you’re teaching a person something, it’s about these people, ” he said. “But regretfully, in so many circumstances, it’s about teachers proving how smart these are, exposing their knowledge, along with lecturing to somebody who’s lower-tier when compared with them. ”

Colin is the 1st to admit he hasn’t acquired the skill of educating complex topics in the most effective way possible, but said he tries his hardest to focus on the learner instead involving himself.

“That does necessarily mean providing clarity, ” they said. “There are a number of different aspects of lucidity, one of them staying simplicity: using very simple words and intensely simple tools. In each of our podcast, for example, Matt and I treat our self as two ordinary men and women. We don’t use just about any jargon; we simplify issues. ”

Brevity is another element of clarity. Colin said the team takes care to hold podcasts brief — involving 10 and 20 units, maximum — and to present courses and other written content in bite-sized portions.

Alitu, your company’s podcast maker software, is also meant to get as simple as probable.

“We have taken out and about options, we’ve simplified the process of podcasting just as much as we can, ” Colin explained. “And we’ve excluded a lot of people because of that — Alitu is not for individuals that need detailed editing and need to control every aspect. But 90% of our own users prefer just obtaining it done automatically for the children. ”

Up Next: Producing the Book on Podcast Campaign

The Podcast Host has exciting news for the people of us stuck in your house this season: The crew will soon unveil their book on podcast campaign.

Colin said the company can often be asked how to expand a podcast audience — this also book will have your answers.

“We’ve spent with regards to a year writing this as being a team, between myself, Matthew McLean, who had previously been my first team new member, and Lindsay Harris Friel, a new long-term writer, ” they said. “Both of them have written the majority of this book with a number of minor contributions from me. They’ve done such a fantastic job; I’m proud of what they’ve build. ”.