Driver Easy: Helping Microsoft Windows Users Avoid Problems Caused By Outdated Device Drivers

Driver Easy: Helping Microsoft Windows Users Avoid Problems Caused By Outdated Device Drivers

TL; DR: Driver Easy is a necessary tool for Microsoft Glass windows that scans machines pertaining to outdated device drivers ahead of automatically updating them. It, leveraged by 3 trillion users worldwide, is supported by a database of greater than 8 million drivers. New driver Easy’s intuitive interface, customer-centric growth process, and sheer effectiveness get made the tool a new fan favorite for greater decade. 

In The spring, after cleaning up your messes of two quarantined adults the other child, our old dishwasher needed its final breath. Pertaining to months, my husband and My spouse and i revisited our college days even as we scrubbed every speck off of our dishes and dried them personally.

When our new dishwasher arrived yesterday, I vowed never to look at its familiar whooshing audio for granted again.

Glenn Murray, Standard Manager of Communications in Driver Easy, said a large number of customers report feeling a similar way after experiencing your time-saving effects of the company’s software — which in turn scans computers for dated device drivers and routinely updates them.

Driver Easy logoDriver Easy have been saving users time and headaches for over the decade.“With Driver Uncomplicated, you can do everything with only a couple of clicks, ” Glenn instructed us. “When you visualize it in action, it’s a thing of beauty! Especially if you’ve ever tried performing it manually. ”

Drivers — software components that work as interpreters between the Windows main system and connected devices — should be properly and consistently updated in order to avoid slowed performance or perhaps crashes. Executing those updates personally not only takes a very long time, but it’s fairly high risk: install the wrong new driver, and your problems are bound to acquire worse.

Driver Easy was meant to help even inexperienced laptop or computer users resolve problems within a short while. More than 3 million customers worldwide use the renowned instrument, which, thanks to a new database of over 8 trillion drivers, can fix virtually any device driver.

With custom backups along with restoration points planned for the near future, Driver Easy is poised to take care of its rank as an incredibly valued driver update tool for many years to come.

Serving Over 3 Million Users Over Over 10 Years

Since its inception during the past year, Driver Easy has become a renowned driver update instrument.

“The Driver Easy story is an easy one, ” Glenn explained. “Back in 2009, Windows was terrible in keeping device drivers up-to-date, so our founder, Kevin Zheng, put a team together to develop something that would undertake it better. We didn’t ever have any competitors, so we didn’t have a very differentiation challenge. Having a fantastic product was enough. ”

Subsequently, the company has continued to generate a reliable product that finds all missing, outdated, along with mismatched drives, earning the trust of greater than 3 million users worldwide. Today, the software is offered via free and paid for plans, providing consumers with an array of choices.

Product screenshot and packageUsers could detect updates and download drivers totally free, with installation available in paid plans.The no cost Driver Easy Lite, as an illustration, will detect problems along with download remedial drivers, nonetheless they must be installed physically in Windows.

For below $30, Driver Easy Seasoned will detect, download, and install all owners on three PCs on an entire year. For below $100 a year, customers should purchase Driver Easy Technician, which hides to 50 PCs pertaining to three days per appliance.

Both the Pro along with Technician plans feature computerized restore points and technique backups, the ability to roll time for previous versions of owners, free tech support, professional licensing, and automatic changes. All plans include an exceptional offline scan. This tool empowers consumers to scan drivers without access to the internet on a problem computer and download the correct drivers on another LAPTOP OR COMPUTER.

Improve Performance in File Time

Glenn told people that, despite the release of countless new versions of Glass windows since 2009, Microsoft hasn’t substantially changed how it handles drivers. How drivers work in the Windows environment has remained relatively unchanged.

Our biggest challenge have been keeping our database involving over 8 million drivers up-to-date, and algorithmically matching those drivers on the appropriate hardware devices, ” they said. “This is accomplished mostly with hardware IDs, but it’s rarely a fairly easy one-to-one match. It requires a great deal of expertise to get the idea right. Perhaps that’s why Microsoft never got efficient at it! ”

Of study course, Driver Easy has evolved in the process, adding new features meant to make users’ lives less complicated. From simple scanning along with one-click fixes to copy and restore and technological support, the underlying tenet connecting these features is surely an effortless user experience.

“We trust easy, ” Glenn explained. “This belief comes through the top down. ”

Kevin, your company’s founder, likened the person experience to the enjoyment of trouble-free cooking:

“When My spouse and i was a boy, expanding up in China, preparing food rice was hard, ” Kevin wrote for the company site. “There were countless ways you could destroy it: too much normal water, too much rice, drastically wrong temperature, wrong cooking occasion, and a hundred various other variables. Then the electric rice cooker became available and solved all those problems. Now, cooking rice will be as simple as pressing one particular big button. I believe fixing Windows driver problems must be just as easy. ”

A new Customer-Centric Product Development Never-ending cycle

Driver Easy is among those tools that accomplishes one task but does that particular task exceptionally well. Given that manually updating drivers is often a painstaking process that will take hours — sometimes even days — it can spare users important headaches.

“You have determine what drivers are out-of-date on your hard drive and note the make and model of the corresponding devices, together with your computer and version involving Windows, ” Glenn instructed us. “Then, you have determine which manufacturer is likely to own most up-to-date version coming from all those drivers (there’s usually many manufacturer involved per device). ”

Step 2 requires visiting the website of each one of those manufacturers, locating and downloading the proper drivers, and installing these people.

“Installing them, alone, can be be extremely difficult, ” Glenn explained. “And, if you make a mistake somewhere in the process, you can make your personal machine problems even worse. ”

To be sure a trouble-free process, the majority Driver Easy’s development attempts are driven by customer opinions. The company gathers this info in a few approaches — first, through their thorough and responsive assist team, and second, by inviting all paying out customers to leave an overview on Trustpilot. (The firm scores 4. 4 beyond 5 stars on your platform, with more when compared with 4, 700 reviews).

“Whenever a buyer reports a problem throughout either forum, we take a look at it, ” Glenn explained. “If it’s a software package issue or something that could be fixed with software, we throw it in the mix for development prioritization, ” Glenn explained.

Coming Up: Custom Backups along with Restore Points

Glenn told us he’s immensely satisfied with Driver Easy, and his personal journey while using company illustrates why. Before becoming a workforce, he had firsthand expertise with Driver Easy as being a customer.

“I first used the product or service years ago after spending two days looking to manually find a network driver on an old Windows 7 PC lacking an internet connection, ” they said. “Driver Easy had me working in 10 minutes! ”

After sending the corporation a thank-you email and receiving a follow up, the Driver Easy team discovered that Glenn worked as a new copywriter. He signed on do some freelance help the company and sooner or later became a permanent personnel. In his current situation, Glenn said he’s fortunate to relish the freedom of profiting his skills where they sees fit.

“And it’s not simply me who gets treated prefer that; everyone does, ” they said. “Kevin encourages everyone to find out, expand, and be aggressive. If you want to focus on just one thing, you’ll be able to, but if you need to do lots of things, you’re prompted. This gives everyone thoughts of ownership. ”

Driver easy backup screenshotThe New driver Easy team is implementing updates to further automate their restore points and technique backups.As for precisely what comes next, Driver Easy has interesting new features in development meant to reduce the impact involving problematic drivers. Currently, Driver Easy installs drivers that come directly from device manufacturers — nearly all which are signed and certified with the manufacturer.

“For Windows 10, Driver Easy installs only drivers which have been Certified for Windows over the Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) software, ” Glenn said. “For Glass windows 7, 8, and Vis, Driver Easy installs WHQL drivers by default, if they’re available (which these are for 95. 69% of drivers for the people versions of Windows), and also gives users the option to install non-WHQL drivers.

However 99. 98% of the owners that Driver Easy installs feature sometimes a WHQL signature or your chip manufacturer’s own digital camera signature, bugs from the producer are inevitable. With their new updates, Driver Easy is offering two solutions to this concern.

“First, the software routinely creates a restore place before updating drivers, if you decide to run into a trouble, you can roll time for that restore point — nevertheless this feature currently taps straight into Windows’ native restore place functionality, which is a lttle bit unreliable, ” Glenn explained.

Second, Driver Easy currently allows users to back, uninstall, and restore owners. However, Glenn said he’d love to add more automation to further improve this functionality.

“The improvements to payday cash features are what I’m most pumped up about, ” he said. “We’re implementing a custom restore place feature and completely programmed driver roll-back feature. ”.