Aventis Systems Helps Small Businesses Establish a Web Presence with Managed Hardware, Software, and Servers

Aventis Systems Helps Small Businesses Establish a Web Presence with Managed Hardware

TL; DR: Aventis Systems delivers combining hardware, software, virtual server, and yes it consulting services that support small business owners. The company has a new background in hardware, as well as datacenter infrastructure can accommodate virtually any virtual or remote technological innovation an SMB needs. Aventis Systems also provides a per-user pricing contract for small enterprise ITaaS through their Cortavo solution which has been rolled out in 2020. Throughout 2021, they aim to improve the look of their e-commerce website which has a complete redesign to improve their user’s experience.

At the height in the 2008 financial crisis, people scrambled to generate sense of the fiscal disaster. Businesses of all sizes sought computer systems to prepare to temperature the financial storm. Aventis Systems launched in this chaotic market by selling computer systems to businesses through several online marketplaces, including Rain forest, eBay, Walmart, and Newegg.

“Our CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, Hesam, went to school throughout Georgia and started an enterprise on eBay with the brother selling computer components with the height of the financial disaster, ” said Samantha Benson, Promoting Coordinator for Aventis Devices. “Things grew from there into where were today. ”

Aventis Systems logoAventis Systems helps small business owners thrive with its comprehensive variety of managed services.
For several years, Aventis Systems operated as a company serving other small businesses with an array of desktop- and server-grade computer hardware. The hardware-first focus eventually triggered à la carte alternatives that included hosted hosts, Microsoft 365 license operations, and on-site hardware assist. In early 2020, your COVID-19 pandemic hit along with made many businesses transfer to remote work approaches.

That’s also when Aventis Devices launched its all-inclusive been able services solution Cortavo, and that is targeted toward small corporations. The comprehensive product may help teams stay connected and productive regardless of where they are.

Cortavo delivers a wide managed services portfolio that will integrates hardware, software, personal servers, a VoIP telephony system, and a personal advisor who acts as being a virtual CIO. It’s a whole new branding for what ended up a more distributed variety of services.

“Over the several years, our customers wanted more — these folks were asking for IT services or getting cloud services. So, we’ve had managed services customers during the last four years, ” explained Peter Ricks, Marketing Consultant for Aventis Systems. “We launched Cortavo over the last year, but managed services can be something we’ve been doing during the last four years. ”

Been able Hardware and Software With no Added Charges

A typical MSP comes with a base product offering with special requests or higher complicated projects coming in at a different cost. Most MSPs deal with the hardware, software, along with infrastructure directly, using similar platforms and policies hence the company can scale cleanly with additional customers. That’s why the deviation coming from a tiered structure often includes a heftier price tag.

“Everything we do, we include a single monthly cost, ” Samantha explained. “So we charge for every user, per endpoint for desktop systems we launch. And we give clients the many services behind it, such as managed hosting, network keeping track of, and cybersecurity elements. It doesn’t feature any added costs as well as charges. ”

That one-cost, all-inclusive procedure for managed services translates for you to predictable spending for SMBs using fixed IT budgets. Cortavo also includes entry to a dedicated account representative to help you with project planning.

“Our IT team acts as being a virtual CIO to each of our customers, ” Samantha explained. “So any project as well as planning process that they need to start accomplishing, they can find us, and we will work as a resource to facilitate the task. ”

Cortavo draws upon Aventis Systems’ prolonged history of hardware management to make available packages, including the remote office in a very box, which is suitable for a remote workforce that has to have company-provisioned hardware. The bundle includes an HP laptop which has a docking station, Microsoft 365 organization software, remote monitoring, along with 24/7 support. That can reduce costs and complexity significantly for small business owners still adjusting to outsourcing work in the COVID-19 pandemic.

All of the computer hardware that customers purchase through Aventis Systems has an comprehensive three-year warranty.

“We’re satisfied with our comprehensive warranty, ” John p said. “We’re a repaired provider, but people get that comfort where if any factors fail, including the CPU or harddrive, we’re here to be a partner in addition to a seller. ”

Aventis Systems boasts relationships with many OEMs, in order that it deals with customers directly as an alternative to sending them off to contact another company.

“It’s our team of folks sitting throughout Atlanta who can find things done quickly along with without giving our customers the problem of bouncing around, ” they added.

Comprehensive Hosted and Hardware Solutions Relevant to SMBs

Aventis Systems gives a full suite of hosted servers suitable for SMB clients. The company runs a datacenter and cloud natural environment, and it doesn’t work as an intermediary for a new public cloud provider. Aventis Systems manages everything without treatment servers.

Many small corporations don’t need hosted hosts, but, in Aventis Devices, those that do discover a partner that understands his or her needs.

“We’re a small enterprise ourselves, and we help other small business owners and have been performing it for close to a decade, ” Samantha said. “We do incorporate some bigger enterprise and medium-sized organization customers, but helping those smaller sized folks out — those who are with limited funds trying to get what they desire with excellent service and support — is basically our value. ”

Aventis Systems offers an array of plug-and-play solutions, including report and backup servers, SQL hosts, virtualization clusters, print hosts, media servers, and games bundles. Virtual machine deployment involves VPSs on Aventis Systems’ individual cloud or colocation with dedicated hosting with a lease-or-rent option. That flexibility supports SMBs that need a hosted solution compared to companies in regulated industries that has got to own their hardware but want to let vendors manage the idea.

Screenshot of Aventis Devices offeringsBusinesses can leverage lots of server configurations with Aventis Devices.
The company delivers been able Microsoft 365 services over several Microsoft SKUs, which include Business Basic, Business Normal, Enterprise E1, Enterprise E3, along with Business Premium. Each subscription includes normal Microsoft product offerings along with migration support to Aventis Systems coming from a different provider. Peter said that the company has several cloud-only customers.

“We undertake it all, from just simply getting a computer to provisioning the idea, ” Samantha said. “And we can accomplish all the services in addition to it and around the idea. So there’s not very much, when it comes to a company environment, that we can’t complete. ”

Aventis Systems: A Virtual CIO for all those Aspects of a Expanding Business

Aventis Systems started by helping businesses in the 2008 financial crisis after which it deployed Cortavo — a serious managed services initiative — equally the COVID-19 pandemic reach. The parallels between those people two disruptive events have triggered market opportunities for the corporation.

“It’s interesting to understand the progression of customers acquiring us now, in your pandemic, and who were in a very similar situation with your financial downturn, ” Samantha explained. “We set our buyers up with everything they must be successful. We still have that very secure hardware business, and we sell software for the assistance side, which allows us to facilitate this new been able services solution.

Cortavo gives hardware, software, virtual hosts, and desktop monitoring first standard per-user fee. Customers also enjoy personalized one-on-one relationships with technology consultants that can serve as a personal CIO for SMBs.

One important goal pertaining to Aventis Systems in 2021 consists of a rebuild of its shopping cart solution.

“We’re going to renovate our entire ecommerce site early inside year, ” Samantha explained. “We’ll offer a robust ecommerce site containing more customization capabilities in relation to building your own server on-line. ”

That process includes migrating goods available through marketplaces like Amazon inside the company’s website.

The corporation has continued to expand and add services in the COVID-19 pandemic, and they have modified some of its standard terms to help you SMBs deal with the complexities in the challenging times.

“We recognize everything is uncertain, especially since our audience is small businesses, ” Samantha explained. Accordingly, Aventis Systems deployed alternatives like its remote office in a very box with much shorter contract terms to help you SMBs weather the tornado with comparatively little threat.

“We saw a wide range of success around that, ”