Achieve More with F(x)tec’s Pro1: A Reimagined Smartphone with a QWERTY Keyboard and Split-Screen Support

Achieve More with F(x)tec’s Pro1: A Reimagined Smartphone with a QWERTY Keyboard and Split-Screen SupportTL; DR: London-based F(x)tec is setting new trends inside smartphone market with Pro1, a slim device that also includes a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard set, split-screen support, and a new dual SIM card plate. The consumer-focused device is made for those who want a functional and beautiful smartphone expertise. With an upcoming product lineup devoted to usability, F(x)tec aims to remain providing alternative solutions on the status quo. 

Natural meats be addicted to each of our smartphones, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re flawless. The frustration of initiating an accidental action with his thumbs — such while sending an unfortunately misspelled after which it autocorrected text — can be so common that it’s been recently dubbed fat finger malady.

And although we guilt ourselves for such gaffes, they’re really a reflection of poor individual experience (UX) design. Nothing says modern as being a virtual keyboard, but are they your best option in all cases?

People at F(x)tec don’t feel so. They’ve designed your Pro1, a slim smartphone which has a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard as well as a virtual option, to give you a richer, more functional individual experience.

F(x)tech logoF(x)tec gives versatility, power, and function on the modern-day smartphone.“There are some things that one could just do so superior with a physical keyboard set, ” Adrian Li Mow Ching, Co-Founder along with Director of F(x)tec, instructed us. “Apart from your satisfaction of actually important keys, there’s the accuracy you get usually when you use physical keys. ”

Though the Pro1 doesn’t stop in keyboard versatility. The device also incorporates a large display, split-screen seeing, support for a various operating systems, and a new dual SIM card plate, among other features.

Adrian said F(x)tec’s approach is around putting user preferences — and sound judgment — ahead of tendencies. “The reality is, we’re certainly not here to compete versus a day-to-day Apple as well as Samsung smartphone, ” they said. “Our product is in case you want to have any additional bit of functionality of their pocket. ”

With an upcoming product lineup focused in usability, F(x)tec aims to remain providing alternative solutions on the status quo.

Striving for the Richer User Experience

The thought for the Pro1 took place when Adrian and Co-FounderLiangchen Chen ended up discussing the limitations in the latest BlackBerry smartphone.

“BlackBerry devices were still around available as TCL devices, but they were somewhat disappointing for us, ” Adrian explained. “We were used for you to full-size screens that went completely and worked a modern-day aspect ratio in panorama mode. ”

In 2017, Liangchen Chen got founded the Livermorium keyboard set accessory, which allowed users to provide a QWERTY slider keyboard on the Moto Z phone.

“It was a very good prototype to demonstrate what it could be like to have a new physical landscape keyboard associated with a full-size Android smartphone — nevertheless it had limitations in that you just were adding an accessory to your phone, ” Adrian explained. “The weight distribution wasn’t right — it turned out like a burger. So we thought we would design our own mobile phone. ”

By July 2018, the team had its first discussions which has a manufacturer. A prototype ended up being available by February 2019. After extensive feedback from users and also a certification process with several parties, F(x)tec released your first-ever Pro1.

“We consider the Pro1 as providing the top of both keyboards, ” Adrian explained. “My Pro1 is our daily driver, and it’s wonderful because when it’s shut down, it’s just like some other great Android device. It’s lean, it has a 6-inch touchscreen display screen, and when I want to do a bit extra, I’ve got the keyboard at that time. ”

A Smartphone Built to the Functionality-Minded

The Pro1, powered with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 brand, features 6GB of RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY and 128GB of interior storage, which is expandable to 2TB by way of a microSD card. The unit is preloaded with Android mobile phone Pie, but supports other popular mobile operating systems, including Lineage and Sailfish.

Besides power and storage, the device packs a great deal of punch in terms involving functionality. The split monitor, for example, available if your slide-out keyboard is available, allows users to view two apps as well.

“If you want to send emails one side while watching your selected sports app, you are able to do that, ” Adrian instructed us. “I’m certain that no other device permits you to do this because whenever you start typing on everything else, you get that major virtual keyboard that pops up and forces you to shed that screen real house. ”

Product imagesThe Pro1 has a real slim profile that anyone almost wouldn’t believe what's more, it houses a full keyboard set.Adrian said that, when making the Pro1, the team thought hard regarding the features they missed in devices of the past. “You’re in a special position when it’s possible to design your own handset and add your features, ” he explained. “So, we decided to perform things like keep your headphone jack. And we added stereo speakers while you’re watching movies in landscape or possibly a major announcement, you’ve got speakers from both sides in the phone. ”

The team also involved a dual SIM minute card tray so that there’s do not need have a second mobile phone if you travel overseas. In addition, Pro1 is compatible with almost all of the world’s networks, so users can stay connected worldwide.

Putting User Opinions Ahead of Mass Trends

“We’ve generally had good feedback from our individual base, which spans the globe, ” Adrian said. “They’re quite engaged coming from a community perspective. ”

Your U. S. is considered one of F(x)tec’s largest markets, though the company has a significant amount of users in Europe also, where there’s even additional linguistic diversity.

“We’ve had a great deal of requests for multiple keyboard set layouts, ” Adrian instructed us. “We came out which has a QWERTZ keyboard for the German market towards the end of last year, and when the time is right, we’ll start adding additional layout options on the phone. ”

Product shotThe firm offers both QWERTY along with QWERTZ layouts, with additional options into the future.The fact that your physical keyboard is integrated into the phone really optimizes their capabilities. Thanks to their tactility, F(x)tec is able for you to serve the gaming community in a way that other device manufacturers can’t. “The physical buttons offer an experience you can’t have anymore until you’re carrying a portable gaming device along, ” he said.

No matter whether with gamers, frequent people, or any other individual group, F(x)tec is dedicated to maintaining the feedback loop that keeps the product in demand.

“We ask many questions to gather buyer input, ” Adrian explained. “It could be simple items like ‘Would you prefer a greater or a smaller monitor, ” or ‘What think about the sliding procedure, the weight, the recommendations? ’ We really value a response that is independent of our own own. ”

An Upcoming Product Lineup Devoted to Usability

F(x)tec has additional innovations inside pipeline, including another version in the current device to be released toward the final of the year.

Down the road, the company is hunting beyond physical keyboards. Adrian said there’s a great deal of exciting twists and turns for the product road map continuing to move forward.

“Ultimately, our passion is phones that provde the ability to do additional, ” Adrian said. “If you undoubtedly appreciate a high penetration of interaction and usability with a device, the Pro1 won’t let down. ”.