Accelerate Your Cloud Strategy with DriveHQ: A One-Stop Shop for Online File, Email, FTP, and Web Servers, Plus Data Backup Systems

Accelerate Your Cloud Strategy with DriveHQ: A One-Stop Shop for Online File, Email, FTP, and Web Servers, Plus Data Backup Systems

TL; DR: DriveHQ, an enterprise-ready cloud vendor, made waves as a young entrant to the foreign storage market when it turned out founded in 2003. Right now, the global company offers an array of cloud-based IT services, which include online file storage, backups, travel mapping, FTP server web hosting service, and surveillance. As for what the longer term holds, DriveHQ plans to push out a additional collaboration, screen taking, and marketing tools while remaining dedicated to delivering quality cloud solutions at affordable prices.

Over the past several years, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) supply model has burst wide open doors for businesses around the world, drastically improving accessibility. Not simply are SaaS solutions cost-effective — strengthening managers to sidestep investments within it expertise — but they’re in addition hands-off, shifting technical tasks to vendors, rather when compared with in-house talent.

But market leaders, beware: You can’t just ask your employees to make free accounts with a few cloud-based storage, email, and file transfer solutions and call it every day. Businesses are organisms using interdependent parts, and needed features that help those parts communicate — think collaboration, individual management, and access permissions.

DriveHQ logoDriveHQ went via an early player out there to a global chief.

Over the past several years, many SaaS companies have caught onto the need for such features just as one after-thought, releasing solutions similar to Dropbox for Business, ‘microsoft’ OneDrive and Office 365, along with Google G Suite. People, such as Drive HQ, approached development from a business perspective in the first place — long before your heyday of Dropbox’s personalized plan, let alone their business product.

“DriveHQ comes with a advantage in that our service was suitable for businesses since it ended up being founded in 2003, ” explained John Zhang, Founder along with CEO of DriveHQ. “It gives powerful, business-centric features, which include group user management, granular folder gain access to control, group file expressing and collaboration, cloud report locking, and client-side encryption. ”

Right now, DriveHQ aims to serve just as one all-inclusive provider of enterprise-level foreign services, including file hard drive and transfer, email, travel mapping, and web server alternatives. Customers can expect the corporation to continue to optimize these solutions continuing to move forward and release new, cloud-based monitor recording and marketing methods.

Pioneering the Cloud Hard drive Industry Since 2003

John launched DriveHQ several years before Amazon launched their Simple Storage Service (S3), throughout 2006. in 2006. 12 months later, in 2007, Dropbox was founded as being a file storage solution developed on Amazon’s cloud solutions.

“Dropbox became extremely popular as being a folder synchronization based foriegn storage service, ” they said. “Later on, a lot of companies, including Google along with Microsoft, also launched Dropbox-like foriegn storage services. ”

Then and after this, DriveHQ stands out through the pack, not only due to the status as an sector pioneer in cloud hard drive, but also for its convenience, affordability, and comprehensive variety of business services.

“It is very simple to migrate to DriveHQ when compared with to other cloud solutions because our service is actually identical to businesses’ community drives, ” John explained. “This means users don’t need any training to train on a cloud drive. ”

Enterprise cloud solutionsDriveHQ concentrates on business-ready cloud solutions in affordable prices.John said that businesses that utilize a competing cloud service may migrate to DriveHQ at the lower price and gain access to better features. That’s since DriveHQ’s pricing model may differ from those of their competitors.

“Over the several years, as the consumer foreign storage service market grew to be saturated, companies like Dropbox absolutely changed their pricing style, ” he said.

In lieu of base price on safe-keeping, most providers have went to user and license-based rates. DriveHQ keeps prices low over the combination of two rates models. “Our enterprise individual license starts at $1 for every user, per month, plus the price tag on storage, ” he explained. “Other major business cloud agencies charge more than $25 for every user, per month.

The corporation also offers a greater various products than some people, from drive mapping along with cloud file servers for you to easy sync, email and internet hosting, and file collaboration alternatives.

“Our goal is to make available a one-stop solution that also includes a cloud-based file server, electronic mail server, FTP server, world wide web server, and data copy system, ” John explained. “We will launch a whole new business marketing platform in the near future. These features share a similar cloud, file, and email storage platform plus the same user management along with access control system. ”

Enterprise-Level Individual Management Features and Encryption

Channeling the force of its innovation-centric home office in Silicon Valley, the DriveHQ team concentrates on providing a wide-ranging catalog of cutting-edge cloud services beautifully made with an emphasis on individual experience.

“Businesses can quickly migrate to DriveHQ’s foreign IT service without navigating a new steep learning curve, ” Bob said. “And we are constantly improving our services along with expanding new enterprise features determined by customer feedback.

To generate the software extra user-friendly, John recommends mapping DriveHQ’s cloud storage as being a local drive using your WebDAV Cloud Drive Mapping Instrument.

DriveHQ offers the well organized and reliable cloud report server and WebDAV Travel Mapping service, ” they said. “It can quickly replace in-house file hosts. Employees don’t need training because cloud drive looks and behaves as a local drive. You cannot make cloud storage easier over a local drive. ”

John said he’s also a major fan of the company’s DriveHQ FileManager buyer software, which works as being a remote file server as well as FTP server, allowing users to upload and download a huge number of files and gigabytes of data in a very snap.

“It is incredibly reliable and efficient, ” they said. “It supports foreign file locking, and you’ll be able to directly edit cloud data and save them time for the cloud without folder synchronization. If you undertake like folder synchronization pertaining to offline access, FileManager provides most sophisticated folder synchronization capabilities. ”

The software sustains multiple sync tasks using different schedules, and users can sync your local folder with any foriegn folder. They can in addition upload, download, or talk about files via DriveHQ FileManager, WebDAV Travel Mapping, or any web browser.

On the Horizon: A Target App Optimization

John told us that will DriveHQ is supported by the small team of devoted IT professionals who try and develop innovative products and still provide top-notch service to buyers.

“DriveHQ is not a tremendous brand, but we have hundreds of thousands of loyal business customers and also a great reputation among each of our business customers, ” they said. “Without their long-standing assist, DriveHQ won’t be capable to compete with far more substantial competitors. ”

In terminology of product development, your DriveHQ team works tightly with customers, careful to feature their feedback into changes and new releases.

“In a lot of cases, we are happy to customize our service in order to meet customer requirements, ” Bob said. “Such customization often ends in new features and services which have been eventually adopted by more customers. ”

And while DriveHQ’s product or service and engineering teams have a very keen eye for brand-new trends and technologies. Even now, the company treds a new focused path.

“We don’t blindly develop into other businesses, ” Bob said. “We have only expanded in the cloud storage service pertaining to IP cameras and DVRs, profiting on our super-scalable little-known FTP server technology along with cloud storage platform. ”

Regarding what’s in the pipeline, DriveHQ plans to remain its mission to excellent the DriveHQ FileManager software. John said the team will carry on and optimize the app pertaining to productivity and group venture and add mobile notice and messaging capabilities.

“We also prefer to add a screen taking tool (and service) in our CameraFTP. com podium, ” he said. “It might help parents monitor kids’ laptop or computer usage. Lastly, we will launch a whole new low-cost marketing platform pertaining to SMBs. Please stay tuned! ”.