3CX’s Flexible, Affordable PBX and Collaboration Software Can be Hosted, in Your Private Cloud or On-Premises

3CX’s Flexible, Affordable PBX and Collaboration Software Can be Hosted, in Your Private Cloud or On-Premises

TL; DR: 3CX is an all-in-one sales and marketing communications solution for voice, online video, and live chat using flexible hosting options. Your affordable and easy-to-use software package, which features a variety of integration options, helps not spend as much, streamline internal operations, and improve customer satisfaction. With seamless help cubical and ticketing features on how, 3CX continues to transform coming from a VoIP tool to a new unified communications suite. 

Zoom may have been recently the go-to online communications solution at first of the coronavirus outbreak, but the novelty involving video conferencing is speedily wearing off.

The existence of such eyelid stickers, used for you to fool colleagues into contemplating you’re awake during long calls, speaks volumes.

As outlined by 3CX Founder and CTO Nick Galea, Zoom calls are energy-zapping events that you should leveraged wisely, preferably in partnership with voice-only phone calls and texts.

“The pandemic highlighted the importance for remote-enabled communication devices, but people don’t want to experience video conferencing all morning, ” Nick said. “After jumping for the Zoom bandwagon, many everyone is experiencing online meeting low energy. ”

3CXWe interviewed founder along with CTO Nick Galea to realize perspective on 3CX’s on-going evolution.
3CX, he explained, provides an ideal alternative just as one all-in-one system for speech, video, and live chat suitable for both internal and outer business communications.

“You have to have video, but it should be integrated with other varieties of communication, ” Nick instructed us. “Maybe you commence with a phone call, and when you need a video to underscore something, you switch to video mode a couple of minutes and go time for voice again. That is the service 3CX offers. ”

3CX is also adaptable regarding infrastructure. Users can host it through the company, on-premises, or in a very private cloud. Ultimately, 3CX’s goal should be to provide a flexible, reasonably priced, and unified communications package that businesses can use in terms that works best for the children.

Leading the Way operational VoIP and Unified Sales and marketing communications
Nick founded 3CX throughout 2005 when Voice around Internet Protocol (also generally known as IP telephony and VoIP) was first becoming popular. VoIP technology operates by delivering multimedia over an connection to the internet, rather than a general public switched telephone network (PSTN), as well as landline.

“I had previously founded a firm known as GFI Software package, and I wanted to get started on another one, ” Nick said. “At the occasion, I needed a mobile phone system. The existing phone systems available were stuck in earlier times century — expensive, challenging to deal with, and low on capabilities. I knew we had to create something better. ”

The team at 3CX started which has a software-based phone system, as well as private branch exchange (PBX), developed on VoIP. The goal was for you to revolutionize the PBX market worldwide.Since and then, 3CX has achieved that goal due to a highly-skilled team along with dedicated leaders. Nick said the corporation has cornered the mobile phone system market for smaller and medium-sized businesses while maintaining a substantial global presence.

3CX provides 12 offices worldwide, including locations inside U. S., the BRITISH ISLES, Germany, France, Japan, Russian federation, South Africa, Australia, along with Hong Kong. In 2018, the corporation opened its newest place of work, a state-of-the-art facility throughout Cyprus.

Over the several years, 3CX has earned the trust of greater than 250, 000 businesses throughout over 190 countries along with across all industries. Right now, the company provides far greater software-based phone system, delivering a unified sales and marketing communications solution that integrates messages or calls with video conferencing, are living chat, and Facebook Messenger, amid other integrations. All of such built-in collaboration tools occur standard with on-premises along with hosted solutions.

Integrated Solutions to plug Internally and with Buyers

While many of their competitors focus solely in internal teams, 3CX includes on-prem and hosted customer satisfaction and call center functionalities.

The platform’s interactive speech response (IRV), for case in point, facilitates customer interactions which has a computer-operated phone system. Integrations with popular buyer relationship management (CRM) along with help desk solutions help it become easy for customer service teams to take the technology. And mobile call queues and advanced call up reporting allow agents to deal with customer records efficiently.

“Our goal should be to take a phone system and make it not merely connect employees and coworkers and also connect businesses with buyers, ” Nick said. “We provide solutions in one package. Not everybody uses all the factors, but they’re available when you need them. ”

The supercharged platform offers solutions for internal and outer communications. The supercharged platform offers solutions for internal and outer communications.
From the customer’s standpoint, 3CX’s technology makes it all to easy to connect with a organization through whatever channel is most commodious — and seamlessly transitioning between them if ideal.

“With the other devices, you may go by having a live chat and direct that you contact the call centre. And then you have to pass through the call center and intensely often send you some other place, ” Nick said. “What we are offering is surely an integrated system to connect your small business with customers the slightest bit they want to converse.

It’s more common previously for consumers, who have grown to be used to social distancing procedures, to turn to their mobiles for customer service in lieu of visiting a store. “Companies today need more of most of these tools to deal using this type of different type of buyer interaction, which previously we didn’t have much, ” Nick said.

Minimize Phone System Costs along with Management Burdens

The all-inclusive nature in the 3CX platform also empowers businesses in order to reduce their technology costs along with save time jumping involving platforms.

“Companies that work using standalone phone systems may have to buy a separate live chat and still have the agents log straight into both systems, ” Nick said. “You end up disregarding about one system or turn out needing two separate teams to deal with everything. ”

In supplement to streamlining workflows, developing a wealth of easy-to-navigate transmission tools under one roof makes training extremely effective. New employees only have to aquire used to one platform to address internal and external troubles.

“With our more customer-focused companies, like Subway, we win almost absolutely compared with other providers because we’ve got customer service functionality, ” Nick said. “And our product can be purchased at a much lower cost — sometimes 80% decrease. ”

3CX also goals to grant users accommodating deployment options, simple technique management, and advanced canceling, providing more control when compared with other providers typically accomplish.

With 3CX, you’re going to secure a lot more control, ” Nick told us. “There’s still a great deal of companies that want to own on-premises for good motives, such as handling his or her data. They’re going to get 3CX at the fraction of the price tag on other competitors while maintaining control with their phone lines and integrations using in-house systems. ”

Way up Next: Seamless Help Cubical and Ticketing Features

The longer term looks bright for 3CX, that can continue its ongoing progression from PBX software to your full-fledged communications and venture suite.

“This is something we’ve been implementing in 2020, ” Nick said. “But we will certainly really take it onward in 2021. We’ll assimilate help desk and ticketing capabilities, so users have a new seamless solution for coping with customer calls with entire system functionality. ”

3CX is excited to be before game in that admiration.

“We’ll see what the subsequent year brings, but were very upbeat about this specific change, ” Nick instructed us. “Many of our competitors are certainly not taking the same course, but that’s where we understand the market going. Companies have to have one integrated system. ”.