1Blocker Helps Individuals, SMBs, and Website-Building Teams Eliminate Unwanted Web Content on iPhone, iPad, and Mac


TL; DR: 1Blocker is a rapid, secure, and robust instrument for iPhone, iPad, and Mac that empowers users to halt invasive online content. No matter whether you’re a developer, a business person, or an entire website-building crew, this multipurpose solution enable you to enhance privacy, speed up the browsing experience, and perhaps boost productivity. Perks similar to advanced customization and user-fueled changes, among other customer-centric capabilities, have attracted more when compared with 1. 6 million consumers and counting. 

Similar to any habit gone out of hand, a preoccupation with online community can quickly spiral straight into self-destruction.

Researchers estimate that internet and social websites addictions affect more than 210 million online surfers worldwide. According to a new prominent researcher at Florida State University, Fullerton, approximately 10% of residents inside U. S. alone may be at risk for social websites addiction. Other studies highlight the call between social media employ and mental disorders similar to anxiety and depression.

To relieve the harmful effects of online community, some experts suggest setting boundaries to eliminate screen time — and there are several affordable applications designed to perform just that. 1Blocker, by way of example, is a content blocking tool employed to eliminate multiple types involving online distractions. Salavat Khanov, Inventor of 1BlockerSalavat Khanov, Inventor, gave us the scoop on 1Blocker as well as indie development team.

“Many customers use 1Blocker to block entry to social networks like Facebook, Facebook, or Reddit when they must study or focus in work, ” Salavat Khanov, Inventor of 1Blocker, told people. “In that way, the app can serve as being a productivity tool. ”

Like anything good solution of its variety, 1Blocker also puts an end to other internet troublemakers, via intrusive ads and trackers for you to annoying cookie notifications. Your app, available for iphone 3gs, iPad, and Mac, even empowers users to line custom preferences and regulations that sync across most iCloud-connected devices. Simply placed, this solution can be personalized for a needs, whether you’re a new developer, an entrepreneur, or a full website-building team.

On top of doing this, 1Blocker is lightweight and simple to operate. After downloading the software, it only takes a number of actions to begin hindering trackers and ads, along with updates are silent, computerized, and lightweight.

Facilitating Greater Computing Experiences

Back throughout 2015, Salavat had the opportunity to visit Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a scholarship. It was there that they learned about Swift, a protocol-oriented programming language put together by Apple in collaboration while using open-source community.

“I was with the session where Apple announced Swift this also new API that allowed developers to make content blockers, ” they said. “Previously, that wasn’t probable on iOS. ”

Approximately a month, Salavat began implementing a fitness app meant to motivate users via warm and friendly online competition. Ultimately, he thought we would shelf the project and research Apple’s content-blocking API alternatively.

1Blocker on mobileIndividuals, SMBs, along with website-building teams, take observe: The latest version involving 1Blocker includes innovative in-app tracker hindering.
“I wanted to create an app that is useful for many men and women, and content blocking is often a very popular function, ” Salavat explained. “So I started implementing the application alone just as one indie developer while still their studies at my university. ”

Within 8 weeks, Salavat had built the 1st version of 1Blocker. By simply September 2015, he made the app available on the App Keep. Now, just six several years later, he’s introducing the globe to 1Blocker 4. 0, which features in-app tracker-blocking for the 1st time. “It took a wide range of years of dedication to go to this point, ” they said.

1Blocker remains an indie team even today. Salavat has brought while on an additional employee to fight customer support while he concentrates on design, development, and promoting, among other tasks. To be sure independence from outside functions, the company supports itself with legitimate home business opportunity through the App Keep only.

A Fast and Secure Approach to Eliminate Distractions

1Blocker has evolved in the past to encompass various capabilities — from ad, tracker, along with comment blocking to web site load speed improvements along with easy integration with Firefox.

“When most people imagine content blockers, they imagine an ad blocker, ” Salavat explained. “But that’s only one particular category within content hindering. 1Blocker basically allows that you customize the web how we want to see the idea. ”

And it really does so quickly and safely and securely.

The blocking function themselves occurs through filters furnished to Safari through 1Blocker  your technology doesn’t modify websites the slightest bit. The process is rapid and efficient because Safari knows before hand what to block.

icons representing important things about 1Blocker1Blocker was built through the ground up to operate seamlessly with Safari.
For the security front, Salavat said 1Blocker solidly believes that user privacy must not be for sale. That’s why the corporation doesn’t have an satisfactory ads program and refuses to track customer data.

“We don’t operate Firebase Crashlytics or Google Analytics because were against tracking, ” they said. “We never use checking tools of any type our app. ”

Alot of free ad and written content blockers harvest data via user accounts, 1Blocker comes with a limited but free plan without having user tracking whatsoever. The free plan includes to be able to enable one category merely (such as ad-blocking) along with whitelist sites directly through the Safari extension. It in addition provides synchronization of personal preferences between all iCloud-connected units.

Advanced customization is only available over the company’s Premium plan. Even now, it’s quite useful for customers who wish to create powerful custom hindering rules and easily stop cookies.

Privacy-Conscious Development Support by Feedback

Salavat told us that will 1Blocker’s multifunctionality makes your tool unique among opponents — and particularly beneficial to an array of users (including developers along with site-building teams).

“We are really not a content blocker, ” they said. “For example, in case you don’t like GIFs, you’ll be able to simply block them. It’s also possible to block comments. The same costs those annoying cookie notifications — though they’re a regulatory issue, some people find these people overwhelming. ”

Over earlier times six years, the 1Blocker team features used feedback from its user community to express to continuous improvement.

“Since we don’t use any analytics in any respect, customer input is the principle driver of new capabilities, ” Salavat said. “We have a good understanding of our own users and what his or her needs are, which helps us decide what direction to look at. ”

Users can send feedback on the team by reaching out to @1BlockerApp on Twitter or sending the corporation an email. Feedback is welcomed and carefully considered to the next release. The 1Blocker team strives to reply to all emails and reading user reviews.

Up Next: Transparency-Focused Capabilities

In April, Apple unveiled iOS 14. 5 which has a new App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature. ATT forces apps to look for user consent when checking activity.

According to 1Blocker, enforcement in the ATT policy may confirm challenging with apps that will use identifiers like hashed electronic mail addresses or digital finger prints.

“A social network, by way of example, can still track anyone, as long as that they don’t share and url their data with data from other individuals, ” the company stated in a very recent press release. “That’s because first-party data collection is just not considered as tracking underneath ATT. Apple considers it while tracking when data obtained by one company is connected with data from third-party firms. Social networks, in this specific case, doesn’t even ought to show you the ATT choice dialog. ”

Some companies are creating their unique tracking systems to circumvent ATT. To protect consumers against in-house tracking technological innovation, 1Blocker has introduced Firewall. The solution comes free in case you have already purchased a top quality plan.

“If you experience difficulty with other apps when Firewall can be active, please let people know, ” the firm stated. “We’re always following your feedback and regularly improving 1Blocker. ”.