1-grid Delivers Turnkey Corporate Registration and Site Building Services for Small Businesses

1-grid Delivers Turnkey Corporate Registration and Site Building Services

TL; DR: 1-grid has provided turnkey corporate and business services to companies over South Africa for over 25 years. It concentrates on online business solutions, which include company registration, domain signing up, website building, and comprehensive services starting from shared website hosting for you to enterprise-grade servers. In a country where most of the people access the internet through cellular phones, 1-grid is the only hosting provider which has a dedicated app for handling sites and content.

Many South African small business owners don’t make it prior their initial stages in the growth phase of surgical procedures. According to Stellenbosch University or college in South Africa, one significant take into account the success of those SMBs was entry to IT infrastructure and digital camera technology, which can contribute to growing an online business.

1-grid delivers a turnkey option for SMBs in Southerly Africa that helps these people build and grow his or her websites. The company to begin with launched in 1997 while Web Africa, and by 2018 it had moved to form a new brand identity and also a refreshed corporate vision: centering on the needs of Southerly African SMBs.

“Because our South African business community keeps growing so much, we saw to be able to support them with online language learning resources, ” said Dane Cooper, 1-grid Marketing Manager. “And the beauty of what we offer is who’s includes anything that startups have to have. ”

1-grid logo1-grid allows South African entrepreneurs create and grow their on-line presence.
1-grid delivers firm registration services, small business internet hosting, business email, domain signing up, SEO optimization, and various security services. Entrepreneurs which has a business idea can lover with 1-grid to launch surgery, gain government approval, and have it online fast by using a visual site builder or possibly a template solution.

On your hosting front, 1-grid sustains server migration, backup-as-a-service strategies, and virtual private hosts with or without cPanel as well as WHM. Its enterprise-grade servers are placed in South Africa, and they also include high-end hardware using unlimited bandwidth and rapid network connectivity. The company’s VPS alternatives — offered in about three tiers — are cut-throat in both pricing along with features. Additionally, the company delivers standard shared hosting. NET hosting, and channel partner accounts.

“Our product offering is pretty broad, but we’re very proud that the we are a community hosting provider, ” Dane explained. “And we stand behind businesses inside South African community. ”

Aiding South African Businesses Kick off Quickly

Registration establishes a firm as a legal enterprise in South Africa. Aspiring entrepreneurs can handle a bunch of their registration efforts, including firm name reservations, registration certs, and notices of incorporation, right through 1-grid. They can even manage processing and filing fees to the Companies and Intellectual Residence Commission, register a url of your website, and acquire an tax number.

The 1-grid “business in a very box” trial program delivers those services in addition to a business email address and also a one-page site builder tool to generate a simple landing page.

“We’re a new small-to-medium size business our self, so we look pertaining to opportunities to help business wherever possible, ” Dane said. “We’re always aiming to help the South African community whenever we can. ”

One such gumption is, together with a neighborhood radio station, to give away no cost website packages to folks who suffer from lost jobs in the pandemic and still have been moonlighting with side jobs or are actually trying to start their unique business. The program provides they will with much needed media exposure and also vital assistance in receiving their new enterprises on-line.

That support for small business owners also applies to more substantial companies, and 1-grid offers a do-it-yourself search engine optimization tool. It runs tests against a web site relative to Google’s discoverability in promoting higher rankings while pursuing the rules. Additionally, the company supports a new migration pathway of raising server size and complexity as being a customer’s needs evolve.

Your South African market can be mobile-first, and most consumers employ smartphones as their primary computing device as an alternative to laptops or desktop models.

“We recently launched a new mobile app, ” Dane explained. “We’re the only web hosting service provider in South Africa to get one. The app helps our customers to deal with and edit their internet sites. ”

1-grid continues their support for growing buyers with several significant informative offerings, including webinars and also a podcast on Spotify.

“We come from an educational standpoint, and that ties straight into assisting our small to medium enterprises to generate a 1-grid community, ” Dane explained.

Customer Feedback Informs Product or service Road Maps

As a new lean operation, 1-grid enjoys the flexibleness to adapt to appearing market needs. The company has close relationships which consists of customers and can adjust additional quickly, even to minor bits of feedback. That agile reply to consumer needs makes the product or service stronger and builds long-term company loyalty.

“For customers who may have uninstalled our mobile software, we ask them to finish some feedback for us about how we can improve for you to hopefully see them again for the app, ” Dane explained. “I work closely while using app, so I are able to see what comes in. Via there, I take that feedback to development team. We sit and brainstorm about how we can make the app better for the customers. ”

Screenshot involving 1-grid app on portable devices Customer feedback informs brand-new features for 1-grid’s focused mobile app.
As accomplish many hosting providers, 1-grid preserves a public testimonial web site. One common refrain throughout its public comments is what sort of support team deals with customer satisfaction issues quickly and cordially. Those service issues could also lead to actionable insights to compliment ongoing process improvement from the company.

Sometimes, customer opinions and common ticket varieties prompt the development involving self-help tools that create on 1-grid’s online Know-how Base. In recent several years 1-grid has doubled along on improving its know-how base tool, ensuring that documentation can be up-to-date and responsive to the commonest reasons site builders engage with the support team.

“We generally refer customers to means, ” Dane said. “We redesigned our Know-how Base and added more content to help you customers in terms with their user journey and for you to round out gaps of their experience. ”

1-grid: A One-Stop Shop that permits SMBs to Thrive

1-grid has diligently supported the South African market for greater quarter-century. The 1-grid team aims becoming a one-stop shop that allows SMBs and aspiring entrepreneurs to optimize their online presence.

The company’s service portfolio includes each of the necessary forms, documents, and fees to join up as a business entity while using South African government. 1-grid also provides a full-featured business electronic mail product, a visual internet site builder tool, and various virtual and dedicated web hosting service packages. Hosting includes normal shared accounts plus channel partner capabilities. The servers, on the other hand, range from affordable VPS possibilities to dedicated and enterprise-grade hosts.

One recent milestone to the company is its organization email product. 1-grid delivered the product or service in early 2020, and it may be a priority for improvement.

“We have always had an email product, but we launched the idea in March because we wanted something more collaborative, ” Dane explained. “The email tool gives customers a similar features and functionalities while Microsoft 365. It features instant messaging and online video conferencing, which was extremely valuable throughout lockdown and enabled our customers to control better. ”

South Africa was hit hard with the COVID-19 pandemic, and first vaccine rollout was slower. In the ensuing dysfunction, companies like 1-grid stepped straight into help people facing fiscal dislocation find opportunities inside online marketplace.

“The pandemic showed us that men and women and businesses realize the benefit of the digital space plus the importance of having an online business, ” Dane said.